Cory-Lee Dunn

About Yourself

Name: Cory-Lee Dunn

Interests outside of gaming: …I like friends? Also, peanuts.


Gaming Interests

First consoles: SNES

First games: Super Mario World/Donkey Kong Country

Favourite games: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Mass Effect 2

Favourite game franchises: Zelda, Mass Effect, Pokemon, Halo, Fable, Elder

Favourite genres: Adventure, RPG

Favourite consoles: Wii

Favourite characters: Link (Zelda), Commander Shepard (Mass Effect),

Best gaming memory: Completing Mass Effect 2 on Insanity

Gaming Wishlist: The Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword, Kirby Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Halo Reach, Fable III, Mass Effect 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Pokemon Black/White

Games you want created: Star Fox Wii, F Zero Wii, F Zero 3DS


Forum Profile: Dunncor



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