GAME to take pre-orders on Natal June 13th have released details about Project Natal and will be taking pre-orders for Natal on June 13th.

Email sent from

“Thank you for registering your interest in Project Natal – a brand new way to play games and experience entertainment on your Xbox 360 console!

As a registered fan of Natal, we’ll be emailing you every time we get a new titbit of information – so you can feel fully informed as you look forward to this exciting new era in Xbox gaming.

We have just heard that Natal will be available to preorder on 13th June!”

13th of June is also the private showing of Project Natal before Microsoft’s conference at E3, June 14th.



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  1. I wonder how successful Natal will be? Will it flop and be a complete gimmick? I am sure it’ll have some kind of reasonable success, but price will be a major factor for me on whether I buy it or not.

  2. Scott Widdowson

    It does have potential Darren. If done correctly then I personally think it would be come a big hit for Microsoft. I did read that Nintendo said that Natal & PS Move are copycats. I somewhat disagree to their statement. Natal isn’t directly copying anything which Nintendo have done. The only comparisons you can make about Natal is Eyetoy which is on the Playstation. Nintendo have only given us the motion sensor controls, which Sony are taking advantage off. Why? The games which Sony are planning to use it with. Nintendo haven’t really took advantage of the control scheme. They could of done it ages ago but I somewhat feel that Nintendo are slowly putting their act together. As of recent sales haven’t been that good for them even though they have won the ‘console war’ so to speak.

    I hear that Natal could be retailed at £100. Thats seperate. So, if its bundle with the 360. Existing owners will lose out, but what about the newcomers?

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