Joy Ride becomes Project Natal launch game

According to CVG that Joy Ride the free game to come onto XBL. Is now the launch game for Project Natal.

Microsoft have commented back on comments saying “bring BigPark’s vision to life in 2010” and nothing else to be said “nothing further to announce at this time”.

Apparantly its been re worked Natal. The hope for us is that it will be a boxed release – we’re still in the dark on that one – but it’s definitely for Natal and will definitely be here for launch,” our source said.

“We’ve been told it will no longer be free to play, but that it’s been completely reworked into a bigger, richer game than before.

“They’re putting the final touches to it now. The biggest thing for us is that it just works with Natal’s racing controls. We’re reliably informed it’s very intuitive.”

Source: CVG


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  1. I was wondering what had happened to that game..

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