Official Nintendo Magazine release TV show for Nintendo Channel

The Official Nintendo Magazine have announced that they are releasing a weekly TV show for the Nintendo Channel.

The show, created and hosted by ONM, offers the latest news, previews and features for Wii and DS, presented weekly unlike the magazine, which is published monthly. As a result, it may offer information exclusive to the show. Also, an obvious bonus is that it shows footage of games instead of still images so audiences will get a good indication of what a game is like. The show also offers footage captured by ONM instead of footage from other places, so the show will have unique footage that may grab our attention.

The last show that focused on Nintendo games and news, Ninty News, recieved mixed reviews from viewers for reasons such as the host, Iain Lee, apparently not knowing much about games, so hopefully this show will be more popular with fans.

The show has already started and can be found on the Nintendo Channel. The first episode focuses on Super Mario Galaxy 2, so those of you looking for information and footage on the game can watch. It might also bring more attention to the Nintendo Channel and since it’s weekly, it’s good for Nintendo info. Episode 1 is on now, so try it out!


Posted on June 5, 2010, in Articles, Nintendo. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I heared somewhere that MS were gonna do this with Conan O’ Brien. Is that still happening?

    • I personally haven’t heard much information about this, but we’ll post an article as soon as we hear anything.

  2. Interesting! I wonder how informative it’ll be?

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