Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands [Review]

The last Prince Of Persia game wasn’t your normal Prince Of Persia outing. Being able to cheat death ment there was no challenge from the game whatsoever. People didn’t take so highly to 2008’s Prince Of Persia, and nowadays you can pick it up at £5 to £10. Ubisoft have gone back to the history books of Prince Of Persia. Bringing us The Forgotten Sands, which you will easily see comparions with Sands Of Time, Warrior Within & Two Thrones.

The Forgotten Sands begins with our hero, the Prince, travelling to his brother Prince Malik. The Prince arrives at his brother’s palace which is under attack. Malik is defending his palace against the enemy. They are losing, so they head inside to the Soloman vault. What lies in the vault should not be touched. Malik thinks it could help him but the Prince thinks other wise. Their is a medallion which Malik has got, which opens this undead army from underneath the palace. It turns all allied soliders to stone and pretty much the palace. Both brothers have one piece of the medallion and they must reunite together to stop this threat but it doesn’t sound all rosy, it will head into a collision course.

From once a palace under attack by soliders to a palace under seige by these sand monsters. The platforming is the key gameplay mechanic which really drives you on to continue with the game. The tradinational wall run, jumping from pole to pole and dodging spikes, sharp razor blade disc and tonnes more contraptions. Forgotten Sands is a true Prince Of Persia game. Two new gameplay mechanics have entered the game. Being able to freeze water and use it to your advantage. Freezing liquid into a solid form, so you can swing, grab and run up, greatly gives the Prince a advantage over the platforming to reach the other side of the room.

In some cases you will have to freeze and un-freeze the water mechanic to get around. It proves a challenge but good precised timing can really aid you from falling to your death. Another ability is to restore missing platforms. It can only restore one platform, so concentration is vital. Speed is also thrown into the mix whilst platforming. When swinging around on a pole or a beam. The opposite platform can have a enemy which you can dash over to reach that platform. Adds flair & pace to the mix of slow, cautious, precised timing.

The combat isn’t the greatest but nor the poorest. Its pretty boring and standard. You have your normal sword attack, followed by a power attack. You have element powers from fire to ice. The Prince can also perform leaps onto enemies and slash them to cause some serious damage. The combat is only satisfying when you have 20+ enemies on the screen, and you chain up a combo of attacks and a well timed manoeuvre to continue your combo. This isn’t no God Of War, Devil May Cry combat, but it does fair enough job.

Apart from nice platforming and on par combat. The game does have nice visuals. Forgotten Sands does deliver on the visuals front and it does it in style. The water effects is one prime example of pure eye to detail. The sand blowing in the wind is also very nicely done by Ubisoft. The visuals do pack a punch and the detail to the environment and scenery are up their with the best. Shame the combat didn’t enlighten me more.

Forgotten Sands offers really good platforming. In fact, the platforming pretty much saved the game from being a game with no replay value, and stale gameplay. On the otherhand its overshadowed by the less exhilarating combat, which really could of been better. Comparing to the previous Prince Of Persia games, its up with them but sort of lacks that fine finish which the previous games have had. Forgotten Sands is definitely a game to have a look at.



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  1. Good review Scott 🙂

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