What We Would Like To See At E3.

E3 is 7 days away. So, us here at the Joypadnews and the help of the Joypads forum. We decided to write up our own predictions for E3 this year. Even though there will be a big host of game announcements from now till the end of E3. Their is some which will remain as a dream or a wish.

Alex DuffyWell, it’s that time of year again! For gamers, it’s like all the holidays combined and put onto a single disc you can play on your [INSERT CONSOLE HERE]. So, as a Nintendo fan, what am I looking forwards to at E3? Just the game most other fans have been waiting to see: Zelda Wii.

Ever since Twilight Princess, fans have been begging for a true Zelda Wii, one that’s Wii-exclusive, one that uses the full Wii capabilities. We were told a Zelda Wii was coming, but the only thing we’ve gotten up to now is an image of a swordless Link next to a girl who fans believe resembles the Master Sword. It’s been nice to speculate but we need information! We need screenshots! We need a video! We need the amazing experience that happened when Twilight Princess was revealed! If Zelda Wii appeared at E3 with information, Nintendo could get the best conference of the big three.

So, what are my other predictions for Nintendo’s E3?
• The 3DS revealed with at least one game to show off its power. I predict a Mario game.
• A Mario game in some form, whether it be a spinoff or not. I personally hope for Paper Mario.
• A new game from a franchise we haven’t seen in a while, possibly Starfox.
• Pokemon Ranger 3, with an English name and a video.
• A few new games targeted at casual gamers, perhaps the new recipe game recently announced
• Wii Party footage
• Some Metroid: Other M footage
• Something Kirby related
• Pikmin 3

I hope many of these come true, the fans will love these. I also hope for some more third part support, such as a new Ace Attorney game from Capcom and continued Sega support.

Ben Stewart – I’m honest in saying this (because I’m not sure if people care about it as much as I do) that my primary want from E3, and something that is CERTAIN to crop up is a Metal Gear: Rising trailer. I’m a huge fan of Raiden (MGS4 version, just so we’re all clear) and I’m very interested where this game will take his story. The smidge of info at last E3 left many many unanswered questions, and it’s probably fair to say it’s one of the reasons I’m so interested in it.

Taking an INCREDIBLY close second place on my ‘Want’ list is another trailer for Metroid: Other M. When this was first revealed at E3 last year, it was safe to say that I needed a change of underwear by the end. Biggest. Shock. Ever. If I didn’t have a word limit at the minute, then I’d go on for ages about it and every other game I want. But my top three will have to do!

In third place on my ‘Want’ list, and something that probably won’t pop up (but what the hell) is F-Zero Wii. I absolutely adored the N64 and Gamecube F-Zero’s, and hope this franchise gets the exposure it deserves (just like Nintendo/Team Ninja are doing with Metroid!).  As for the absence of ‘Zelda Wii’ in this statement, I’ve simply left that to Alex.

On a few small notes, as I’m trying to keep this short; I’d like to see what other games/features the vitality sensor will be compatible with. In my opinion, it’s pretty useless from where I’m standing. What is it? Iwata’s went a bit mad and wants all his fans to “Pull my finger”? Anyways, more on that from Ian.  I’ve also noticed that I’ve got no real wants from Sony this year, but it doesn’t mean I won’t be optimistic about their show! I am cautious on their “PSN Premium” offer however, but we’ll cross that potentially dangerous bridge when we come to it, eh?

Ian Windram – When it comes to E3 you know you will get an unexpected announcement that takes everyone by complete suprise. I want this to happen this year with a new game that involves the Vitality Sensor from Nintendo.

Imagine the announcement. Iwata finishes a previous announcement then the lights dim and all you can hear is faint footsteps. Then Reggie shouts suprise and the lights flash violently and Reggie is on stage with a Vitality Sensor on his finger. He suggests looking at the screen behind him and he begins playing a new Wii Series game showcasing the Vitality Sensor. Nintendo then shows a trailer of the games that use it both first and third party.

This to me would be an unexpected way to announce this…

Scott Widdowson – E3 is known for its surprises. Sometimes, the surprises are within the confirmed games which are going to be shown. Like last year, Alan Wake gameplay, Mass Effect 2 trailer. It certainly got the crowd buzzing with excitement. This year at E3. I can’t wait for more details about Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow. With a strong cast of pure talent lending their voices to the game such as; Patrick Stewart, Jason Isaacs. I can’t wait for what could be a dark horse to become GOTY. I have played some of the Castlevania games in the past and I did enjoy them. Lords Of Shadow is completely new. Hideo Kojima also helped so you know the game is going to have quality and quantity.

I also like my fighting games. Ultimately I would love to see Mortal Kombat at E3. I can’t see it happen but it would be awesome to see a Scorpion & Sub-Zero trailer beating the hell out of each other with Lui Kang appearing at the end. I guess we can dream eh? Capcom have confirmed that Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds will be at E3, so I guess that will make up for no announcement of Mortal Kombat. Another would be Gears of War 3. Everybody can remember when Cliff Belinski walked onto the E3 stage with a lancer right? Well, it would be good if he came out and showed us a exhilarating gameplay demo. Hopefully Gears 3 will have a better multiplayer setting up system than Gears 2.

I’m really looking forward to the 3DS. With reports saying its matching the Xbox 360 & Playstation 3. I did start to wonder. Why couldn’t they say this about the Wii instead. For a handheld to surpass a console, it does raise some eyebrows. A indication whether gaming on the go is going to be better than sitting in you’re living room and view from a 42″ TV than to a handheld screen. Hopefully the price tag isn’t going to be too high.

Then I come to Natal & PS Move. Joy Ride being announced as a launch title for Natal. I’m hopeing Joy Ride is going to be good. Hopefully that they won’t get some bad people demonstrating Natal on stage to make it more cringeworthy than playing the Wii. PS Move is more of less the same as what the Wii provides. Set from the games it will be able to use with it. The PS3 has certainly got the backing of superb games which the Wii lacks, but will the control scheme work exactly? I hope so.


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  1. After reading everyone else’s predictions I feel like I’ve not posted enough on my part…

    Oh well I like this article despite my entry.
    Cant wait for E3

  2. Harry Monogenis

    Heh, I’m looking forward to Black Ops, Halo Reach and Natal’s price. 🙂

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