Zelda Wii – 2011 release for Western shores?

Japan’s release schedule for first party games in the 2010 fiscal year has listed Zelda Wii as TBA 2010, but the game is absent from American and European lists.

Many people have hoped for Zelda Wii to be released at Christmas 2010, but as the months went by there was no news on release; as a matter of fact, there was hardly any news at all. However, now, it looks like we definetely will not get Zelda Wii until 2011.

However, it looks possible that those in Japan will be getting the game in 2010, most likely during the Christmas period. Japan typically recieve Zelda games first, with the US getting them months after and the UK getting them a while after that.

With E3 approaching, will we get a Zelda Wii release date then?



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