RUMOUR – GoldenEye Remake on the way?

The latest rumour coming from popular Nintendo websites states that a remake of the popular N64 James Bond game GoldenEye is headed to Wii and DS

The rumours first surfaced at GoNintendo, who recieved a large amount of information such as possible boxarts, an image of a Wii Zapper styled specifically around GoldenEye, and pieces of information. The information stated that Daniel Craig will be playing James Bond instead of Pierce Brosnan, the game would include 8-player online multiplayer, and the confirmation of many previous levels returning such as St Petersburg.

The rumour then reappeared at Eurogamer, who stated that the game would appear at E3 with a November release and the possible developers being Eurocom and n-Space. It looks like we’ll have to wait until E3 to see if this rumour is true or not.

Remember that this is just a rumour and not neccesarily true, so take all the info you’ve seen in this article with a grain of salt. However, would you like to see a GoldenEye remake? What new features do you want to see in it? Feel free to share your opinions by posting a comment.



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