What We Have Been Playing This Week

Here at the JoypadsNews. What We Have Been Playing This Week, is just one of the many features we have planned for you. What We Have Been Playing This Week, is going to be a weekly feature. Every Friday you get to read what the staff have been playing this week.

Alex Duffy –

Finally, the end of exams is upon us! I haven’t been able to play many games for that and many other reasons, but as soon as my exams finished, the first game I played was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations. I had been playing it before exams and had reached Case 5, but I finished just after the first trial session. I was anxious to get back to playing it. So, I’ve been playing it, and all I can say is this: Case 5 is probably the best case in any Ace Attorney game. It’s got everything: Great story, great characters, great twists, great visuals (there’s a stunning moment near the end of the game) and best of all, it sums up the Phoenix Wright trilogy perfectly. The main stories all come together to create one mind-blowing finale packed with truly amazing stuff. I suggest you purchase the Ace Attorney games, specifically the Phoenix Wright trilogy. It’s not that hard to find either: English versions of Phoenix Wright can be found on the DS, Wii and iPod/iPhone (although at the moment it’s just the first game for the iPod/iPhone). Get yourself the trilogy, starting from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and going on to Justice for All, then Trials and Tribulations, if you want a truly underrated yet amazing game.

Ben Stewart –

I have been going through Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 again, until I go get Mario Galaxy 2 soon. Probably because it’s one of my most favourite games of all time, but hey. For those who don’t know, the game is set a couple of thousand years before the Star Wars movies, but an official part of the history. So the story fits in well, and simply uses everything from the movies, but without the same plot or characters. One of the main standouts on my most recent play through is the immense level of detail to each character you have with you in your crew. I keep learning something new about them each time I play through the game, they never fail to interest you, no matter what they’re talking about. The combat is turn-based, which might put a few people off but you’d be surprised how immersive it looks and feels! I’d really love to write so much more, as I was kinda hoping this would be more review-based. Anyway, if you haven’t played this then you must because it’s a BioWare RPG and Star Wars mixed together perfectly.

Cory Lee Dunn –

I’ve not been playing much this week, what with all my exams. Only game I’ve been playing is the amazing Red Dead Redemption, which I even managed to complete this week! Now, I’m not giving out any spoilers but it’s one of the best games this generation, with an excellent story and atmosphere. Since completing it, I’ve been working on trying to get 100%, working on the bounties and other varying things such as all the achievements, many of which are currently turning out to be a pain in the behind to get, not for the wrong reasons however, they just appear quite time consuming. As an example, finding all the map locations is going to be a drag, as is searching for all these silly buffalo, I’ll have lots of fun during it though! Plans for next week’s gaming are just continuing with Red Dead really, as I finish my exams. Then I’ll be spending a lot more time with games again.

Ian Windram –

This week I’ve been playing Blur mostly. Started on the single player mode and cleared a small amount of challenges and tasks but the real meat of the game is online. Having a full 20 player race is chaotic to say the least. I basically ignored the main race and had a ramming contest with this random player. We both failed to finish the race but I had a good time. Another race I had I went from being first in the race for around 3 minutes to last in the space of 10 seconds. I’m slowly ranking up online and I see myself gaining levels a lot in the weeks to come. In the next few weeks I’ll be mixing and matching with Blur, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Red Dead Redemption. I’ve completed the story to Red Dead Redemption and like Cory I’m aiming to get 100%.

Scott Widdowson –

Sunday I finally picked up Mass Effect 2. Before I even started Mass Effect 2, I still needed to finish Mass Effect 1, which was long overdue, because of Red Dead Redemption. I have now finished the main campaign twice. I want to get Shepard to lvl 60 before diving into Mass Effect 2. I’m currently on my third playthrough and the game never gets boring. Not because you can have a heated situation in the bedroom with Asari, but the massive depth in the characters and NPC’s. There were situations which I haven’t tried going down the renegade route or the paragon route. I won’t go into details about some the scenarios, because they are spoilers, which to me are linked to the story in a way or you could say the sub-plot. This well be one of my favourite quotes of all time. “I may be drunk, krogan, but you’re ugly. And tomorrow I’ll be sober”.

What games have you been playing this week? Drop a comment and let us know.


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