Heaps of new Pokemon Black/White info and rumours

A few sources, including CoroCoro, have released a lot of new info about the new Pokemon games, Pokemon Black and White.

The info contains stuff about new Pokemon, new features and more. For your benefit, I will split this article into what is confirmed and what is unconfirmed.


  • New Pokemon: Chiramii. It’s the Chinchilla Pokemon, Normal type, 0.4m tall, weight is 5.8kg, abilities are Cute Charm and Technician, an attack it has is Slap, where Chiramii slaps the opponent multiple times. It may be the Pikachu Pokemon of this gen, like Pichu (Gen 2), Plusle and Minun (Gen 3), and Pachirisu (Gen 4).
  • New Pokemon: Munna. It’s the Dream Eater Pokemon, Psychic type, 0.6m tall, weight is 23.3kg, abilities are Forewarn and Synchronise, an attack it has is Telekinesis where it lifts the opponent up in the air. Munna appears to levitate and has a design which appears to contrast its Dream Eater description.
  • New Pokemon: Gear. It’s the Gear Pokemon, Steel type, 0.3m tall, weighs 21kg, abilities are Plus and Minus, an attack it has is Gear Saucer where it attacks the audience multiple times with gears. It resembles two cogs and are the only Pokemon that can have either Plus or Minus, meaning it can be powered up with either a Plusle, a Minun, or another Gear.
  • New Pokemon: Mamepato. It’s the Baby Pigeon Pokemon, Normal/Flying type, 0.3m tall, weighs 2.1kg, has for abilities Super Luck or a new ability called Pigeon Heart which prevents lowering of the defense stat. It appears to be the typical common bird of this gen, following Pidgey (Gen 1), Hoothoot (Gen 2), Taillow (Gen 3) and Starly (Gen 4).
  • New Pokemon: Hihidaruma. It’s the Flaming Pokemon, Fire type, 1.3m tall, weighs 92.9kg, has a new ability called Encourage although what this does is unknown.
  • New Pokemon: Shimama. It’s the Charged Pokemon, Electric type, 0.8m tall, weight 29.8kg, its abilities are Lightningrod and Motor Drive, and a new attack it has is Wild Bolt, which hurts the user and the enemy.
  • New Pokemon: Meguroko. It’s the Desert Crocodile type, is Dark/Ground type, 0.7m tall, weighs 15.2kg, has either the ability Intimidate or a new ability called Earthquake Spiral, where Meguroko’s attack increases after KOing a Pokemon.
  • New Character: Professor Araragi. She’s the first female main professor in the main Pokemon games. She owns a Chiramii.
  • New Feature: C Cog/C Gear (unconfirmed name). All we know about it is that it offers the chance to play with new connection capabilities.
  • New Feature: Random Battle. On WiFi, you can battle a random person anywhere without the use of Friend Codes. It also supports foreign battles too, so you could be playing a Japanese player.
  • New Feature: Upload your Black/White save to the internet.
  • New Design: The Global Terminal appears inside Pokemon Centres.
  • New Design: The Pokedex has once again been redesigned. Unlike previous Pokedexes, it doesn’t appear to resemble the handheld it is on, possibly because Diamond/Pearl/Platinum already used the DS design. However, rumours are saying that it may be loosely based on the 3DS, having two screens.
  • Other: Pokemon Black will appear at E3, possibly playable.
  • Other: A new Pokemon/silhouette may be revealed in Pokemon Sunday.
  • Other: To get Zorua, you need to trade over an event Celebi from the 13th Movie.
  • Region Information: An image of Isshu has surfaced on Serebii.net. The image is small but clearly shows the region to be vastly different to what we have seen before. There also appears to be notably less cities than previously, as well as larger areas such as a large desert and a large lake with Pokeball-shaped land in the middle.


  • The villainous team is Team Plasma. This may link in with the industrious theme of the region.
  • Triple Battles
  • Around 150 new Pokemon
  • Silhouettes of the region’s legendary trio (i.e. Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres) resemble cotton, a dog and a bipedal animal
  • Collecting badges is not the focus in this game
  • The protagonist can excavate ruins
  • The protagonist’s father is an explorer
  • Reshiram is Ice/Dragon according to PokeBeach and Fire/Dragon according to Serebii.
  • Zekrom is Electric/Dragon
  • During battles, Reshiram and Zekrom can change types.

As a Pokemon fan, I’m truly impressed by this new information. If the rumours turn out to be true, then interest in Pokemon may skyrocket due to these big changes. Pokemon Black/White is topping my list of games to buy this fiscal year.

You can see scans and images of this new confirmed information at the sources below.

Source: Serebii.net

Source: PokéBeach Part 1 – Confirmed stuff

Source: PokéBeach Part 2 – E3

Source: PokéBeach Part 3 – Unconfirmed stuff


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