Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age II Confirmed to be at E3?

Gamespot has posted an interactive floor plan for E3 next week, showing where all the developer booths will be.

Clicking on the location of a booth displays highlighted games from that company, clicking on the booth for Electronic Arts shows Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3 as being highlighted games, along with Dead Space 2 plus the latest Madden and Tiger Woods games.

This could be a mistake on Gamespots behalf and there could be no plans to show these games, alternatively they may have accidently leaked the information! Considering Mass Effect 2 only came out early this year, and Dragon Age very late last year there could be a good chance of these simply being mistakes on Gamespots behalf. However, Mass Effect 3 is already a confirmed game and there’s a high chance of a Dragon Age II, so we’ll have to wait and see next week!

GameSpots Floor Plan

Source: Kotaku


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  1. If this is true then Woo!

    I really enjoyed the Mass Effect games and I cant wait for ME2

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