Transformers War For Cybertron Demo Thoughts

Transformers the robots indisguise. Transformers aren’t battling it out on Earth. This time, there is a War on the homeplanet of the Transformers, Cybertron. Peter Cullen voices Optimus Prime which is all good if you are a Transformers fan.The multiplayer demo was available on XBL yetersday. If you haven’t already noticed then head to the marketplace and start downloading.

The demo allows you two game modes. Team Deathmatch & Conquest. Team Deathmatch is like your COD and etc. Get 40 kills before the Autobots, Decepticons, whatever team you are on before the opposite team does. Conquest mode is like capture the flag or king of the hill type of mode. You control multiple nodes and then accumulate 400 points to win. Team Deathmatch seems the best option on trying to get a game. Conquest is a good mode if its a full lobby. Major downfall to the invite system, is that you can only invite friends when you have got into a lobby. It would of been great to great a lobby before heading into a game, so hopefully High Moon Studios is taking feedback on the multiplayer demo before pushing the game out on its release date, 25th June (UK).You can change the matchmaking settings to worldwide or regional. Regional is where you would be able to hook up with people in your region, and worldwide jumping into a game against anybody across the globe.

Before jumping into a game. I was slightly worried about the controls. Revenge Of The Fallen didn’t have exactly the smooth control scheme but it did a fair job. Wars For Cybertron controls are quite easy to pick up and play. Left analogue stick to run around and the right analogue stick as your camera. If you click in LS, then your Transformer will transform into the vehicle, which depends on your class. When not transformed click in RS, and you will be able to pull of a melee for them CQC. The A button is jump, X to reload, B to throw grenade, Y to swap weapons, RT to fire and RB is your Ability 1. Which could well be a swinging move called ‘Whirlwind’ or another ability Ammo Beacon, yet again these differ which class you are. Keep progressing with the class you are, you can gain new abilites. LB is your second ability which could be either Ammo Beacon and vice versa with the class you are. LT is to aim and the select button brings up the scoreboard if you want to know how many kills, death and assists you have accumulated. I do like the controls and the gameplay is rather good. The mix of 3rd person shooter to vehicles is brilliantly done. High Moon Studios have definitely nailed the audio for the noises when transforming, which is probably one of the renowned sounds from Transformers.

You can even create your own character. You can’t build your own models such from head, height, arms and etc but it would definitely give the multiplayer more depth and probably get a better response from gamers. There are 4 classes you can be. Scout, Scientist, Leader, Solider. The demo only allows you to play as two classes; Scout and Solider. In the create your own character. You can equip different weapons, equip different abilities and upgrades. Upgrades can improve aiming, armour, speed and melee damage. The Scout class you can transform into a  sports car. You can dash and have a cloak. The Solider class you can transform into a tank.

Teletran 1 is where you can see your completed challenges. You gain extra XP when completeing challenges which unlock new items. The leaderboards to keep upto date with your stats and friends plus others across the world. Prime mode. Not much details going on this but, it does say. Achieve max level in all classes to access Prime Mode. Extra challenges perhaps? A prestiage system? Who knows, its definitely something to look out when achieved all max levels in each class.

Overall, the demo isn’t bad. Multiplayer seems to have depth and adds a lot more to the game. Connection seems to be good and the visuals are very nice as well. I have been playing Team Deathmatch more and the map Molten, has really got that Transformers environment. I’m looking forward to Transformers: War For Cybertron, so expect a review at a later date.


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