Gears Of War 3: The lowdown

Gears of War is back. The war has turned into one hell hole. Not only are the Cogs have to fight the locust but also the Lambent. The Lambent are a mutation of the Locust. The imulsion is what mutated these bad ass creatures from the deep to become even more bad ass and ugly than ever before.

Cliff Bleszinski announced on Microsoft’s conference, that Gears of War 3 has a new horde mode. ‘Beast’, if you are wondering what Beast mode is? Then continue reading as this article will cover it.

At the end of Gears of War 2, Marucs & Co sunk Jacinto, which flooded the underground of the planet. The sinking of Jacinto helped stop the locust but, 18 months have pasted from Gears 2. A new threat is also thrown into this war for the suvival of humanity, The Lambent. Lambent are more tougher than the Locust. The Lambent mutated from the Locust, and when about killed them, they explode on death.

You can perform a new move to kill the Locust & Lambent. A bayonet charge from the retro lancer. There is also a new mine,which goes underground and eats. So be careful. When in cover and a Locust is opposite. You can perform a move called the ‘Mental kick’. You can climb over cover, kick a locust down, and use it as meat human shield and then place a nasty surprise, by sticking a grenade to his back and aiming towards the enemy.

There are new co-op interactions. Like swapping weapons, healing a team-mate. The Lambent also pop up through the ground. Not like the locust which create manholes pretty much but, the Lambent pops up in these stalks. They come across like tree organic substances. As with the Lambent you will come across different types of Lambent. Such as your Locust with, Boomers, Tickers and etc. The Lambent have these Drudges which have these crazy arms which fly out. These Drudges can fire out a imulsion flame, so try and not get caught in a sticky end with that thing. Couple of clips on these arms will destroy it and will explode upon death. The environment seems more lush than the previous Gears games. You can perform chainsaw kicks. When chainsawing a Lambent, a quick kick into other enemies will explode and cause a chain reaction of nice kills. Lambent do mutate to different ways.

The Berserker does return. Now, I do have my misfortunate sticky endings with this beast. Edge of the seat stuff but managed to defeat the thing in Gears 1. The Berserker is mutated. Yup, a Lambent, explode on death? Most probably but you will have to wait and see. The Berserker has these tentacles, she can pick up objects and launch them at you. Shes faster and she is able to jump. So, yes start to get worried. The hammer of dawn is still the weapon to bring this son of a bitch down. Something new to Gears, is the newer verison of the hammer. You have several beams blasting from the sky with the new engine they have been using, and according to Cliff Bleszinski. Gears of War 3 really pushes the Xbox 360 to its limits than Gears 2 did.

New characters also enter into the game such as Jase who is voiced by rapper Drake. Cliff Bleszinski also announced that, other new voice cast shall be announced this week. Female Cogs are also into the fight. Anya fights and also a new character called Samantha Burn.

Beast mode! So, what is beast mode? You can become the locust. Be a ticker, run across the floor, head straight into the Cogs and explode. Thats not all… Why not play as the Boomer and hit them very hard and take out Marcus Fenix. You can also play as the Berserker. Charge at the Cog and defeat the majority of the soliders or pretty much kill every single one. Beast mode is upto 4 players and fight through wave after wave. Cliff didn’t say whether beast mode will have 50 waves like horde had in Gears 2. They are still tinkering with it so expect some kind of announcement from now till release day. If being the ticker. When you explode you pretty much dead yourself. Well, depending on what COG kill you have performed you gain tokens. The more tokens you collect, the bigger creature you can unlock. From the beginning you can play some big creatures. The Berserker you cannot. You got to earn that right, so a lot of grinding must be had to become the Berserker then. You can play as the Kantus the medic pretty much. Who can summon other Locusts and raise the dead. Playing as the Berserker you can smash the ground, perform the traditional scream and her run which smashes everything into a oblivion.

Gears of War 3 is shipping out in April 2011.


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