Ace Attorney games to be made for 3DS?

Shu Takumi, the man who created the popular Ace Attorney series, is considering bringing the series to the 3DS, and with very little info on the new Ace Attorney game, rumours are abound that Apollo Justice 2 will appear on the 3DS.

In a recent interview with, Takumi discussed the Ace Attorney franchise and the 3DS. In this interview, he said:

“It’s a little bit difficult to say, we just saw it here; we’re not sure what we can do with [the technology] yet. But certainly if the opportunity presented itself and we could make it, then it might be a really good chance for us to use that technology. But we’ll have to wait and see what the future brings.”

This hints that Takumi and the team at Capcom are considering making an Ace Attorney game for the newly unveiled 3DS. However, if there is an Ace Attorney game released, what game/games will it be? The latest rumours are that Gyakuten Saiban 5 (the Japanese name for Ace Attorney 5) is to be ported onto the 3DS instead of being on the DS. The basis for these rumours is the fact that no news has been given since it was announced to be in production in May 2007. However, Takumi has only just learned about the 3DS (according to the interview anyway), which casts doubt on this. However, Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, a game that had been produced for the DS for a while, was moved to 3DS, so it’s not 100% impossible. It would also explain the lack of news, although this can also be down to the promotion of another Shu Takumi game, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective?

So, what other possible Ace Attorney games could it be? Maybe a new Ace Attorney Investigations? It’s known that before Miles Edgeworth got his own game, there were plans to make Ema Skye the star. Maybe Ema will star in a game? Or maybe Miles Edgeworth will get another game? Or another character may get a game? How about a Dick Gumshoe game? A Judge game? A game based around the Grossberg Law Offices? A Wendy Oldbag game? …Let’s scratch the last one. Or what about a new Phoenix Wright game? It’s possible, but more things lean towards Apollo Justice being the star of the new game.

How would a new Ace Attorney game work on the 3DS anyway? The game is mostly sprite-based and set on a 2D plane as it’s relatively point and click. Maybe 3D locations? Or examining evidence in 3D? Some previous-seen things, such as the mannequins used in cases 1 and 2 of Apollo Justice to re-enact crime scenes, could be used? Maybe you can use 3-D to see how far away someone was killed, or even watch the effects of something like a bullet coming at you in 3D? New features may even be added to use the 3D perspective! And if an Ace Attorney Investigations game were released, locations could be in 3D with you moving around in 3D and looking around a room to find evidence! With the possibilities for new characters in Ace Attorney Investigations, new possibilities for 3D could appear, such as examining evidence by using the motion sensors to rotate it so you can perform a famous Luminol test on it by Ema Skye.

What do you think of this. How do you think Ace Attorney will work on the 3DS? Leave a comment with what you feel about this!



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