Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – Singleplayer Hands On

Kane & Lynch Dead Men wasn’t well received. With bad review scores. I was wondering whether Dog Days would be vastly improved compared to the first game of Kane & Lynch. Lets hope IO Interactive has done that.

The game opens up with Kane first. Firing away, some people get shot, then moves to Lynch who is waking up from his bed with a woman. Already this is giving me the impression that Lynch is living the quiet life whilst Kane is still living the fast lane soon to bring it on Lynch’s front door step. The demo puts you into the hands of Lynch. You & Kane are in a restaurant for a deal. Kane notices SWAT bursting through and you and Kane end up flying over the top of the bar taking cover. Kane & Lynch is a no run & gun game. Cover is essential for your survival. By clicking in the right stick. You can change the position of the camera. Here it can help you to shoot enemies behind cover and get a better picture or flanking and etc.

Weak structures such as wood can be penetrated. Don’t hide behind cover such as fences as the police or whoever can easily pick you off. You can sprint, so if you are taking heavy damage. You can quickly pull you’re arse out of there and recover.

You can play the game co-operatively. Either through XBL or PSN or even split screen. Whilst playing through singleplayer. The lack of co-operative moves is missing. The only time I have seen Kane & Lynch perform a move together is opening doors or helping each other climb a wall. The gameplay is very linear. Rushing into cover straight the way and fire away. You can shoot environmental objects such as the gas canisters. You can even pick up fire extinguishers and throw them to cause some extra damage saving you life and ammo for your weapons.

Nothing that very much is going for Kane & Lynch 2. So far with the singleplayer I have felt unimpressed by it all and offering nothing new to the table. Controls are easier to pick up and play. Its accessible and more polished than Dead Men. What would of been good, especially fighting your way through the streets of Shanghai. Some co-op moves. As I mentioned before. It is definitely missing some of that from what I have played. There would be some great moments if this was offered into the game.

So yes, the singleplayer hasn’t got me hyped nor has it got me excited. I will give it some credit though. It does have its flaws and its ok moments. Linear gameplay, no variety and no exquisite scenarios to really talk about on what Kane & Lynch 2 can do.

Stay tuned to the Joypads for the multiplayer hands on.


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  1. Well even though you didn’t like it Scott, I might still get it. I have a soft spot for the first one and the MP is just too tempting!!!!

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