More 3DS information revealed – Tag Mode, appearance, and more!

Hideki Konno, the man behind a variety of 3DS-related things such as technology, has revealed some minor details in an interview with Wired, such as games utilising Tag Mode and downloadable games.

The interview discusses 3DS technology and gaming, as well as other things such as why 3D technology has only just been used. Konno replies that they have been testing 3D capabilities for a while but it’s been hard to utilise as it would be pricey and Nintendo were not sure it would work well. As a result, they’ve been waiting for the technology to improve and go down in price, something which we have seen happen in other areas (e.g. the film Avatar, which had been planned for ages but only just been able to be made due to the technologies needed only just being created). The use of both 3D technology and an analog slide pad introduced for the first time in the same Nintendo handheld was also discussed, with Konno saying that they were unrelated as some form of analog stick has been desired for a while.

The interview then went on to Tag Mode, the 3DS feature where information can be sent to other people with the same game with their 3DS even when it’s not on. An interesting point brought up is that Tag Mode data is saved onto the 3DS instead of onto the software, so you can download info for that game even when you don’t have that game on you. Say, for example, you only have Ocarina of Time on you. If someone nearby has Nintendogs and Cats, they can send you the data even without you having the game on you! Kunno also revealed that Mario Kart and Animal Crossing would use Tag Mode, and that the 3DS would have a Tag Mode Viewer where you can see how many people have sent data to you for one of your games, such as 50 people connecting to you with Nintendogs and Cats. Konno also said that Tag Mode is good for playing old games you haven’t played in ages using new info. I wonder what stuff can get sent over Tag Mode. Perhaps unlockables such as DLC?

This led onto talk about downloadable games. The interviewer asked if the 3DS would have downloadable games, and Konno replied that there will be downloadable stuff, but didn’t say whether it’d be games like WiiWare or Virtual Console. He also said that he prefers buying games physically over downloading them.

The final part of the interview went back to hardware, starting with the accelerometer and gyroscope, which Konno said would be similar to what the Wii MotionPlus does. The interviewer brought up a possible problem with motion sensing meaning the 3D moves out of your line of sight, but Konno shot down this idea by pointing out that you’ll still be looking at the screen. Konno also talked about the stylus, explaining that it’s extendable to make it fit into the 3DS but also to keep its length. The interviewer then asked if the 3DS’s screens would get bigger, but Konno said they most likely wouldn’t as Nintendo want the 3DS to be easily portable for things like Tag Mode and increasing the screens would mean increasing the 3DS size, making it too heavy for people to carry around. The interviewer then suggested using the 3D effect on a TV, but Konno pointed out the problem that you’d have to sit in a certain place to see the 3D, while with handhelds you’re sat in a certain position to play it. The final question was whether the design of the 3DS would change, and Konno replied that the 3DS we’ve seen will be the final shape.

So, in a shortened version:

  • Nintendo have been waiting to use 3D and analog sticks for a while
  • Tag Mode can be used even if you don’t have the game on you
  • Mario Kart and Animal Crossing will use Tag Mode
  • Tag Mode data is saved on the 3DS
  • Tag Mode Viewer lets you see how many people have connected with one of your games via Tag Mode
  • 3DS will have downloadable features
  • Motion sensing similar to Wii MotionPlus
  • 3D and motion sensing work well together
  • Expendable stylus for convenience
  • 3DS screens not likely to get bigger
  • 3D gaming for consoles may not work as well
  • 3DS will keep the general shape we’ve seen

So, what do you think of this? What games should use Tag Mode? What data should be sent using it? Do you think 3D and motion sensing will work? Do you like the current design? Feel free to comment!



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