Super Street Fighter IV – Review


Street Fighter is back and its rolling back the years. So, when it comes to a update for Street Fighter, you know that Capcom has got brilliance. Anyone should have easily guessed that Super Street Fighter IV was on its way and its expanded from IV. Because Capcom took the decision to release SSFIV on a disc than downloadable content. To the loyal street fighter fans, this is a worthy superior loss.

If you are a newcomer to street fighter then don’t worry. Just try to stay away from the Hadouken’s and you will be fine.

SSFIV gameplay mechanics are the same as IV. The Super EX special moves, jaw dropping Ultra Combos and Focus Attacks work exactly the same as in IV. SSFIV is a add-on not a  sequel in any kind of shape or form.

So whats the deal with SSFIV? And is it really worth it? Well my friend it simply is worth it. SSFIV has 10 new characters, second Ultra Combo slot for all characters, new fighting arenas, more balanced gameplay, two bonus stages, a replay channel and new trials. May not seem a lot to those who are newcomers to the game or part-time players but the loyal fans don’t need to know in the first place as they would simply get  the game.

Being a loyal fan of street fighter, its like rolling back the years and being that kid all over again regardless how old you are. Whether its spending time in the training arena trying out the new ultra combos, playing as the new characters or diving straight online the excitement is massive. Straight the way I headed for the training arena. I picked my favourite fighter with the red head band Ryu, and tried pulling off his new ultra combo and the more balanced gameplay. I can easily pull of his Metsu Hadoken ultra combo which is quite pleasing and with the more balanced gameplay I can hit his Hadoukens like there is no tomorrow and pull off a sneaky Shoryuken to pleasure of beating someone in style.

Some characters to some people have been tweaked with the likes of Sagat. He can still dish out some serious damage but just less damage than before. Some of the weaker characters are more viable this time around which a few people will be proud off. Ryu’s medium and hard punch Dragon Punch hits twice now than before.

Depending how good you are with any of your favourite characters. The weaker characters have moved up the ladder whilst your heavyweight powerhouse characters pretty much have stayed the same. With the new tools thrown into your arsenal with your favourite character, and improving the balance and street fighter most recognizably the best balanced fighting game. Any player can win with anyone if they’re good enough.

The loyal fans of street fighter with definitely check out the new 10 characters added to the superb selection of characters from IV. Dee Jay, T.Hawk which both debuted in Street Fighter II are now playable in SSFIV. Ibuki, Makoto and Dudley will easily please the Street Fighter III fans, followed by Guy, Cody, Adon and accompanied by Sakura, Dan, Rose and Gen. They all play as they previously did on the Super II, III and Alpha which people will easily pick up. There are two new characters which aren’t from past Street Fighter games. Hakan and Juri. Juri is the first Korean to appear in a Street Fighter game. Shes mostly all about the kicks, interesting moves, Walcott pace and dishes out some decent damage. Hakan is a Turkish Oil wrestler. Worried? So you should be. To me he’s an oiled up Zangief as he too is all about the grapples and serves out serious amount of damage.



The fact that SSFIV is £10 cheaper and even more kick ass. The only downside to SSFIV is the different voice of FIGHT! and general sayings. SSFIV is a great update and a worthy game to be in your gaming collection besides if you have got SFIV. Capcom deserves credit for the work they carried out and listening to fans opinions from SFIV to be implemented into SSFIV. If you’re a street fighter fan through and through this is an essential buy. Street Fighter is the best fighting game on the current game consoles and improves Capcom’s dominance in the fighting scene.



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