What We Have Been Playing This Week

After a long break. What We Have Been Playing This Week, returns. Stay tuned for interesting features and competitions in the future. Lets see what the team have been playing this week.

Ian Windam – Mostly this week I’ve been switching between Crackdown 1 and Crackdown 2. I’ve been doing co-op with Scott and completed the game together. I’ve discovered the love of collecting and oh boy is there a lot of collecting. All 500 Agility Orbs and all 300 Hidden orbs found after 4-5 days of hunting non-stop. Well worth the gamerscore in my opinion. Now for the difficult task of repeating the hunting on Crackdown 1! Currently I’m at 498 Agility Orbs and 204 Hidden Orbs. I’ll have a review for Crackdown 2 ready for Monday next week with a review for Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks scheduled for next Friday!

Cory Lee Dunn – Insanity! On Mass Effect 2 that is: I completed my insanity run late last week as an Engineer class, it was one of the hardest games I’ve ever tried to do, but I was going for all the achievements, and I got them. All 54 achievements are mine on Mass Effect 2, until they bring out some more, then I’ll go and get those as well. Completing this game on insanity is definitely one of my greatest gaming achievements in this generation, but I had to do it as I love Mass Effect 2, it’s one of my potential Games of the Year. Also, I’ll be writing a review for the game soon, so look out for that.  Anyway, I’ve been playing 3 other games this week. After completing Mass Effect 2 I decided to go back and replay a Zelda game, I ended up choosing Wind Waker, one of my favourite games in the series. I’ve recently completed the 2nd dungeon in the game, so I’m not to far into it having misplaced my memory card I originally played it one, I think I’m going to end up aiming to do everything there is to do in this run. Finally I’ve been playing UFC Undisputed 2010 in times I can get my hands on it (as it’s a shared copy). Excellent game, even though I don’t follow the UFC that much. Been trying to get into the career mode but I keep making some stupid mistakes costing me matches upon matches, so I keep restarting. Failure to keep my stats high enough kept resulting in me getting my arse handed to me, I’ve recently learned how to resolve the problem I’ve been having, so when I get my hands on it again I’ll be back in the career hopefully earning myself some titles. I’ll be getting the New Xbox 360 and a copy of Crackdown 2 on Friday (16th July), so next week I’ll be playing a lot of Crackdown on my fancy new Xbox!

Scott Widdowson – Mainly this week I have been playing Crackdown 2. Completed the game on co-op with Ian. I managed to collect all orbs, 500 agility orbs and 300 hidden orbs, plus I managed to collect all renegade orbs. Agility renegade orbs require you to gain chase and capture them. Agility renegade orbs are mainly suited on rooftops so they can prove to be tricky. Hardest one I encountered was the agency island one. Took me quite a few attempts to capture the sly bugger. Driving renegade orbs are the other ones and they work vice versa but this time you being in a vehicle to capture them. They aren’t tricky to collect but I did come across few which were little buggers. Crackdown 2 is the most enjoyable game I have played this year. Its edging towards the potential of game of the year for me. I’ve already given that status to Red Dead Redemption which I got 100% in. Proud moment that was. Other games I have been playing is Crackdown 1, Halo Wars & Fable 2. Is the burning desire there for me to get all 500 agility orbs and 300 hidden orbs? Time will tell on that tale. Halo Wars is great if you are a fan of the Halo universe, which so happens I am. I love RTS games. I would of preferred it to be on the PC, as I play a lot of C&C (Command & Conquer) and StarCraft. I was quite surprise how easy the controls were and how easy it is to pick up and play. I’m a big fan of Fable. I can remember buying the first Fable game on the Xbox. The first time a game is giving me the keys on how I want to play and what I want to do. Fable 2 adds more fun, hours and great dialogue to laugh over. I recently brought Fable 2, the GOTY edition. It comes with Knothole Island and See The Future DLC. I finished Knothole Island quest and it was certainly a enjoyable quest. After completing the quest, a pop up screen appears saying what you have done, how much renown you have earn’t and a new expression. Well I laughed when it said. “Well done, you are famous enough to have learned the kiss my arse expression.” I didn’t expect it which made me laugh. Fable has definitely got comedy value.

Ben Stewart – I’ve been meaning to complete this game for a while, and so I did! Majora’s Mask (MM) is the second wonderful N64 installment, and often argued that it’s better than Orcarina of Time. I’m not sure what i think is the best, but I know for certain there is no wrong answer. Both are fabulous. I’m not going to bother explaining the story, as it’s over 10 years old now and I’m sure that if you were interested in the game you’d have looked it up by now. As for those who are interested but haven’t played it yet, lucky for you this is unintentionally spoiler-free! (I read this over again and that bit was written last).

IT’S REALLY BLOODY HARD. I found myself retreating to walkthroughs most of the time. It’s not even most of the temples that are the hard parts, (well, except the Zora temple – not actual name, I just forgot – and the Stone Tower Temple) it’s the whole “Where the hell do I go from here” lark outside in Termina (for n00bs, it’s where the game’s set) as you have 5 equally huge areas to be wondering around.
A thing I don’t understand now, the time travel bit. While it’s a great idea it’s gone about really really stupidly. I get the Hero’s Bow in one temple, so I turn back time to Day 1. THe bow stays, but all the ammo is gone (this applies to anything that takes ammo in the game). Same for rupees, why is it that they are time-proof once they’re locked away in the bank? Where does the bank guy store them, the bloody Tardis?
To quickly wrap up, aside from me moaning about such things, it’s really not worth missing out on. The story is excellent, and there are a good few emotional scenes at times.You can get used to the time travel fairly quickly if you do a small routine of gathering things before you go “questing” and whatnot. What we have here is a dark, dramatic and damn awesome Zelda game. Regardless of my moaning, definately among the top in my books.

Alex Duffy – Last time in this segment, I talked about Path of Radiance. Well, now I’ve completed it (the boss was really easy, but he’s awful in Hard Mode apparently), and now I’ve gone onto Radiant Dawn, which is a direct sequel to Path of Radiance. The game follows on from the last game, but instead of following Ike and the Greil Mercenaries, the game is split into four parts and you start off playing as the Dawn Brigade, a group of freedom fighters from Daein, the country that Ike defeated and saved in the first game. The Dawn Brigade strive to defeat members of the Begnion Empire who are treating the citizens poorly and making the country worse. The group is led by Micaiah, a silver-haired girl with the power to heal anyone at the cost of her own health. Throughout their adventure, they encounter many events, such as a long-lost king, corruption and an enemy many of the Dawn Brigade believed to be dead. The second part follows Elincia, the princess turned queen of Crimea in Path of Radiance, as revolution washes over Crimea, with many citizens rebelling against her rule. Elincia and the Royal Knights must stop Lord Ludveck, the man behind the rebels. As for the last two parts, I’ll let you see what they’re like for yourself. The gameplay is similar to Path of Radiance, with some changes such as two promotions instead of one, big changes in terrain, and a changed skill system. If you liked Path of Radiance, you’ll like this game too (you can ever transfer data over to change things such as bonuses between characters and bonuses for stats), but beware that this game is harder than most other Fire Emblem games released outside of Japan and you’ll understand the story more if you play Path of Radiance. The game might be hard to find, but it should be cheap and a very good game to pick up.

Owen Chapman – I’ve been furiously procrastinating from doing this piece, but with deadline approaching it can wait no longer. It’s a sign of how much time I finally have on my hands that I can be playing lots of games, something I haven’t done for two years. It’s something of a bittersweet feeling really; I get to catch up on the games that I’ve had to neglect, but I also get very bored with the lack of variety in my life now. I just finished my part time job for the summer, after which I’ll be going to university, so in the meantime, ideally I need to find more part time work to plug the gaps in which boredom abounds. But I digress; this is a feature on what I’ve been playing, not a journal of my life and times.

This last week, my efforts have mainly been centred on Assassin’s Creed. I’ve had the game a year and not really given it much play. I’ve now completed the story and enjoyed it throughout, although I thought the twist was very predictable. I’ve since been scouring the map for the flags, which when fully collected award you with a nice dollop of gamerscore goodness, which is only fair considering the challenge of finding each and every one. Irritatingly, for one particular set I collected 99 of the 100 flags and ran out of places to look, having to resort to a video guide for the last. I am ashamed.

This morning I decided to boot up Mirror’s Edge for the first time in around a year. Having completed the story, I was compelled to do much as I had been doing in Assassin’s Creed, searching for the hidden bags. Luckily there are a lot less of these (30 throughout the whole game), and you can choose where in the story you want to start from, making the whole process far easier. I’ve currently collected 20 of the 30 bags.

Also worth a mention is Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which I’ve been playing on odd days with other forum members; and Mario Strikers Charged Football, which following a sudden invitation to play a few weeks back from Cory, has been right back in my life again, and what a cracking addition it is. It’s probably the only game I can play with a Cheshire cat-alike grin on my face throughout. I couldn’t recommend the game more, and should anyone wish to get involved in the hilarity, I’m certainly open to the possibility of running a tournament. That’s a not so subtle hint.

As some of you may know, I spent last week holidaying in Cyprus. The weather was inconceivably better than it is here now, which is unfortunate, and flying back the plane was grounded for an hour and a half due to problems with the flight control computer; also unfortunate, but it gave me time to fiddle around for a while with a few games. I played Metroid II on Gameboy for that time, succeeding in absolutely nothing, making absolutely no progress and being thoroughly lost. This prompted me to switch to brain training, where I completed a number of Sudoku puzzles before giving up, reading a book and watching the in-flight entertainment.

I’m sure you didn’t really want an essays worth on this subject, but that’s what you have. I shall probably be given a rap on the knuckles for making this so long, and told to cut it a bit shorter for next week, but for now, if you read all that, well done. You deserve a cookie.


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