Namco vs Capcom games to be announced at Comic-Con?

Namco x Capcom, a previous game created using both Namco and Capcom characters

Rumours are flying around that Namco and Capcom are both working together to produce a set of crossover games, specifically Namco vs Capcom and Capcom vs Namco.

The rumours began after Evo 2010, which happened a week ago, where Namco and Capcom both appeared. After this event, people began to believe that Namco and Capcom were working together to develop a game.  This rumour became stronger after two producers, one for Namco and one for Capcom, announced that they would show a trailer for a fighting game at Comic-Con on Saturday 24th July.

The rumours didn’t stop after this announcement. Multiple sites such as Game Informer are reporting that two crossover games will be produced, both fighting games. Capcom vs Namco will be produced by Capcom with the Street Fighter IV engine, while Namco vs Capcom will be produced by Namco with the Tekken 6 engine.

So, what do you think of this? Are you hoping for these rumours to be true?



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