Medal Of Honor Beta – Preview

There’s a new enemy. There’s a new war. There’s a new warrior. He is Tier 1. We have a hands-on preview of the Multiplayer Beta just for you lucky people!

Finally the long-awaited Medal Of Honour beta is now officially up on Xbox. To redeem your code, simply follow the instructions here. You can also win a beta code for Medal Of Honour. More details at the end of this preview.

Medal Of Honour is known for its dip and diving within the World War. It got some harsh criticism as of continuing into the World War and not expanding to the present FPS games you normally see nowadays such as Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, plus Battlefield: Bad Company. Now things have changed. Medal Of Honour is now going to be set in a modern war setting, and this will definitely get people talking and give Medal Of Honour a new face lift.

DICE is taking the lead of the multiplayer side for Medal Of Honour. DICE is known for the destruction physics of Bad Company’s multiplayer. Whilst running around in the Medal Of Honour beta, watching my corners, crouching so I can be shielded from enemy fire and the blast radius of grenades, rpg’s and the whole jazz. It definitely had a Bad Company feel. Nothing bad with a Bad Company feel as I really liked Bad Company’s multiplayer. When you are moving about, the way your character moves, and how the camera view is changed due to sprinting. Bad Company comes straight to mind.

The controls are pretty much straight forward and easily accessible for someone to pick up and play straight the way. Click in the RS (Right Stick) and you sprint, RT to Fire, LT to look down the scope of your weapon and X to reload. Which weapons by Y, change your stance by pressing B and perform a jump action by pressing A. To melee click in the LS (Left Stick) and support actions press on the d-pad.

When you get better at the game and start collecting a killstreak. You will unlock killstreak rewards. Pretty much taken from Call Of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2. You can perform a Mortar Attack and the other UAV. The weapons in the beta aren’t bad at all. Each have their pros and cons. On some weapons you will get Iron sights. When you progress up through the ranks and the exp accumulated, you will unlock new attachments for your weapons. So far I haven’t noticed any modifiers of adding new attachments to my weapons, so it seems Medal Of Honour has balanced the game out.

You have 3 classes to choose from before you jump straight into battle. Rifleman, Special Ops and Sniper. When going up through the ranks, you will unlock new weapons + attachments for your weapons. In the beta, it goes up to rank 14. So there is quite a few weapons and attachments to be unlocked and be a formidable foe. You have three customization slots. Rail Slot, Barrel Slot and Base Slot. The Rail slot is where you can attach new scopes to your rifle or machine gun. The barrel slot, you can change the barrel of your gun which can alter its balanced performance. The base slot, is where you can add extra magazines or different perks in different areas, pretty much like Modern Warfare in this slot. You can also view your career. Just like Bad Company, you can view your stats and awards what you have gained during the multiplayer. In the stats it also tells you how far you are from your next unlock for each class. Your K/D ratio in the bottom left hand corner also showing your overall score, skill level and overall time played. In the awards section you can view what medals and ribbons you have earned. Good Conduct medal commendation – get one saviour kill. Distinguished Assault ribbon – In a round, kill ten enemies as the rifleman class. Definitely got some competitive replay value.

The game modes that are included in this beta are; Mission & Team Assault. The Mission game mode is a story driven multiplayer and the objective is to capture 5 objectives which escalates to a larger goal, which in this case, capturing a Taliban high priority target. Team Assault is your team deathmatch game mode which is pretty much mandatory in most FPS games nowadays. Set in a war-torn streets and indoors combat, close quarter combat will be heavily used. Both game modes are really enjoyable. A good taster to what Medal Of Honour is going to be like in the full game.

I’ve really enjoyed the beta of Medal Of Honour. Definitely got a unique flair to it even if it has come similarities with Bad Company. Most because of DICE doing the multiplayer. It’s very balanced which will please quite a lot of gamers and it certainly has the team play as well. If you and your friends are the types of guiding each other, then you will succeed. If I was Activision I will be very worried with what EA and DICE have done with Medal Of Honour. This could well be the face of a new era for the Medal of Honour franchise and could seriously dent Treyarch’s Black Ops this year.

Fancy winning a chance to obtain a Medal Of Honour beta code? Well, all you need to do is simply comment below and leave your twitter name or email address. You will need to follow our twitter @thejoypads.


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  1. Well…
    We can has code? 🙂
    PLEASE 😀
    Thanks 🙂

  2. twitter – robz48 🙂

  3. I beg of u pleeease may i get a medal of honour xbox 360 beta code??!!

  4. Conor Godfrey

    The game looks awesome.

  5. Looks pretty cool, might be picking this up

  6. Mark Beckford

    Yes please 🙂 anything to get me off MW2
    Twitter: @markdigi

  7. I can i have a code plz?
    Twitter name; IDevilchildI

  8. Twitter: NintenDaan

  9. Medal of Honor beta giveaway has ended.

    Sorry folks and thanks for entering. Keep an eye out for more competitions!

  10. Did any of you even read this? XD

  11. This game is very interesting. someday, I hope to play it. thank you, because you have to publish this article

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