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What have the gang been playing this week? Lets see…

Alex Duffy – The main game I’ve been playing this week is Dragon Quest IX. Customising my own team has been quite fun, actually. My protagonist is named Alex after yours truly, and is now a gladiator. I’ve got a priestess called Maria (named after the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon cleric, who she looks like), a mage called Phoenix (named after Phoenix Wright. I should have called him Zak or Valant, but Zak is a jerk and Valant bores me), and a thief called Meg (named after the Family Guy punching bag). I miss having partners with background and storylines and, but this is fun too. Other aspects of the game? The gameplay’s good always, sidequests are mainly fun, and the story has nearly made me cry twice. What else have I been playing this week? Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Reached an exciting part of the story), Tales of Innocence (I may elaborate on this more next week, but I’m just starting out now. Bit confusing, but still…) and Tales of Vesperia (revisiting this after a while away from it, just doing sidequests for now).

Ben Stewart – The GTA series usually consists of some freelancer hitman doing jobs for criminals, stealing uncountable amounts of cars and earning surprising amounts of money whilst doing so. That’s the formula, so why should they stop it there? That’s GTA 4, for you. Yet somehow it still delivers more. It’s the same old “work your way up from the small-time criminals to the big-time criminals/corrupt cops” lark. Even though the missions consist of “kill that guy” and “get the drugs/money off this other guy”, it’s very well written. This means there’s as much characterisation as possible (although there’s not actually that much) without ruining the pace of the game. I’ve never noticed before, but the amount of care and effort that went into designing a whole city from the ground up must be staggering, especially with a city so detailed as GTA IV’s where every street, road and highway is crammed with as much detail as possible. It’s amazing how they really succeed to bring the city to life, you probably don’t notice because it feels so natural. This should be part of the formula that should never ever change.

Cory Lee Dunn – In Short: Not much, having my 18th birthday earlier this week resulted in a very quiet gaming week for me! I got Crackdown 2 last week , played it a bit with Ian and Scott but not done much on my own. Wasn’t planning to get it but it was only £20 with the console, so I went for it. I should be able to blow some good amount of time on it, but I don’t think I’ll be going all 100% crazy like the other 2 have. I got Batman Arkham Asylum GotY for my Birthday on Tuesday, I’ve only put in about 5 hours but I can easily tell how excellent the game is, especially with the 3D. It appears to have a lot to it, especially in the puzzle part which are very fun and dificult to solve, something I really didn’t expect from the game. Finally, I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 , mostly due to a group of friends getting it as well and I know how heavily it focuses on Team Work, only put a couple of hours into this, but I’m already liking it, my possible favourite FPS game this generation!

Ian Windram – This week I’ve been playing Halo 3. It may be a 3 year old game but I still get my enjoyment out of it. I keep trying to complete the game on solo Legendary but alas I am not good enough to do it. I keep getting killled and could just wait for some co-op backup! Another game I’ve been playing is Crackdown 1. Just trying to collect the last 3 Agility Orbs… They are impossible to find and I dont think I’ll be able to find them before I get my new games. Next week I’m going to be playing Assassins Creed 1 and 2!

Owen Chapman – This week I’ve been restricted to 190 words for my piece, so farewell to my preferred essay-worthy ramblings. I’m wasting most of those words by talking about how I’m wasting words. How Ironic. This week hasn’t been nearly as varied for me as the last. I’ve been playing but two games; Mirror’s Edge and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the former of which I’ve been achievement whoring on, and the latter, playing until absolutely stupid hours of the morning with Ben. I don’t sleep much anyway, so no terrible loss. As for Mirror’s Edge, all that anal obsessive completionism that I’m renowned for has taken me to within one achievement of getting every achievement possible without buying the additional time trials package, which I won’t, because I’m stingy and don’t want to give Microsoft my money. That’ll teach you for making Vista so crap.

Scott Widdowson – This week I have been playing Assassin’s Creed. I forgot how good the first Assassins Creed game really is. Because how great it is, I have even ordered Assassins Creed 2 to stick my teeth into. I’ve also been playing Sonic & Knuckles. Definitely brings back some awesome memories when I use to be a Megadrive fanboy. The music in Sonic & Knuckles is fantastic. I have recently brought COD4 as well. Been playing it on veteran and the multiplayer is still addictive as when it first come out. I’m quite surprise people are still playing it and I don’t blame them, as its so much more better than Modern Warfare 2. Last of all but not least. Gears Of War 2. Been playing multiplayer with friends. Recent event for Gears 2 is the 20x multiplier. I have ranked up from lvl 7 to lvl 38, quite impressive and don’t forget the xp doesn’t run out till this sunday!


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