Joypads: Blacklight: Tango Down – Review

Another shooter with a futuristic twist.

Everybody has pretty much played a FPS at any form or simply playing Modern Warfare 2. Mainly the multiplayer which is heavily used than the singleplayer when coming to the likes of Modern Warfare 2. So, it seems that people like to pump a few shotgun shells into people and continue their massacre to other players when going into new lobbies. Blacklight definitely fills the void for any hot FPS releases due to come out later this year.

Tango Down offers some modes over a scale of 12 maps and a black ops mode where you can team up with 3 friends and play 4 player co-op. There is a story if you bother looking than just glimpsing, saying “Oh, a shooter, lets just jump straight in.” The story covers a conflict between the US covert ops, Blacklight, and ex US special forces called The Order. I accessed this piece of information in the ‘How To Play’ section. Throughout the course of the game, Blacklight doesn’t cover any ground of the story but it does show off some good gaming values.

Its a nice presented shooter, with that futuristic feel and sound effects. For 1200 MS Points, Blacklight seems a bargain when compared to mainstream shooters out in the market. Comparing Blacklight to another shooter that came to XBLA is Battlefield 1943. Maybe miles apart in setting but, 1943 proved to be popular and no, Blacklight doesn’t come with the destruction physics which Battlefield is known for in the recent series of Bad Company.

Blacklight has some unique items for your disposal. The grenades for example can vary from your standard grenades to EMP grenades which will disrupt your electronic equipment. The way on how this grenade detonates is quite strange. Its in a disrupted shield ball which you can see when you don’t run through it. The other piece of equipment which is definitely futuristic and what I really liked was the Hyper Reality Visor. By turning this visor on you can view the enemy players and team players on where there location is. You have no map in your HUD, so the visor really puts you on the edge of your seat. The visor recharges after you have used up its power so its best if you only use it when needed for that precise attack on the enemy.

Every shooting game that has online must have a ranking up system right? Well, Blacklight does have a ranking up system. For every kill and assist you have made earns you exp points that will increase your overall rank and unlocking new weapons, attachments and skins for your weapons. Does have that Modern Warfare 2 addictiveness to it, as there is hundreds of items to unlock.

The modes which are available to you are your usual game modes you would expect such as; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Domination. There are other modes such as; Last Man Standing, Last Team Standing and Retrieval. Last but not least is Black Ops, the co-op mode for you and your friends or play by yourself to wave through checkpoints. Black Ops doesn’t offer no cinematic scenes or boss fights, just simply ends when you have finished a checkpoint. You can earn exp points during co-op mode. So, if you are having trouble gaining exp, then co-op could be your answer. Black Ops is definitely needed to be played with at least 3 other people. It can be a blast with friends but playing on your own is simply not interesting, satisfying or worth the time doing.

Overall, Blacklight offers some interesting gameplay but not overly offering anything new to the table of FPS games. Controls are easy to pick up and play and its very accessible for first time buyers. So, when up against higher ranked players. The ranks doesn’t become an issue which is great, the only downside to the game is that there isn’t much you can do with the levels you are running around in. Little cliché’s such as, destructible cover, flip over tables to provide cover would of been nice additions. I would of loved a snap in, snap out cover behind an object on which Killzone 2 has, would definitely spice up the action. Zombie Studios has definitely created a fine game. Maybe lack of ambition to really drive it a bit more forward, and probably we could of been looking at a GOTY contender. Certainly has the right ingredients but, sadly falls short.



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  1. Awesome review man. I got to agree with this game lacking on some fronts.

  2. Scott Widdowson

    Ah right, cheers. 🙂

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