Joypads: Limbo Review

The hugely hyped Xbox Live Arcade game arrives! Ben reveals to you its true colours.

Having owned an Xbox for a while I thought it would be rather gentleman like  to take a look at the Xbox Live Arcade and see what was on offer. I noticed Limbo, but didn’t read about it. I was shown me the trailer a day later, and I simply HAD to get this game. It seemed fresh, original and certainly looked beautiful! I had recently acquired some MS points at the time, so I bought it! I was very happy with my choice.

It’s quite hard to review, as I don’t want to accidentally spoil a second of it. To start, it’s quite hard. I’ve found near the start of the game I had no choice but get through it via trial and error, which at times can ruin some pretty atmospheric moments in the game. That might just be because I’m bad at it, but either way it’s a pretty perfectly paced platformer from start to finish.

The cold silence of Limbo only punctuates the feeling of death that emanates from this virtually lifeless world. Only your footsteps are heard, and any other scenery sound effects. There isn’t any music but that’s certainly not a bad thing, it really means the player focuses on his surroundings, without the distraction. All you really hear is your footsteps and sound effects made from the scenery. When proper audio is used however, it’s a large build-up that adds a dramatic punch which keeps you on edge, ready for anything that might happen.

The graphics are what really takes the cake here. Black and white has never looked so stunning in a game! The fact that every object is a silhouette can make objects in puzzles occasionally a little hard to notice, but it’s never really a problem. They really add to the mystery of the land you’re in as well, which is what’s so great about the game. You genuinely have no idea what’s going on.

The only main downfall of the game is its length. It’s basically gained Portal syndrome, of being incredibly inspired and wonderful whilst being a tad short. However, if you download one game this year, make sure it’s Limbo. If you download nothing this year, you better be ready for me kicking down your door.



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