Hydro Thunder Hurricane out today.

Hydro: Thunder Hurricane will be out on XBLA today. Hydro is price at 1200 MS Points.

Some Q&A from the developers via facebook:

Were any of the tracks influenced by those in the original arcade game?

All the tracks in Hydro Thunder Hurricane are completely new, although one track — Lake Powell — was thematically influenced by the original game. It’s set in the same place, but the track layout is completely different, with new shortcuts and secrets.

Which track do you think people will find the trickiest?

The Area 51 track is probably the most technical. It has some tight corners and narrow passages. But in my opinion it’s also one of the most fun tracks. You get to dive deep into the secret military base and discover their secrets.

A lot of the gameplay elements in HTH are similar to those in car racing games. But what are the main differences between creating a track for cars, and a track for boats?

The biggest difference is that in a car game the track is solid and never changes — in a water-racer like Hydro Thunder, the race surface is constantly changing. It’s affected by waves, avalanches, explosions, all kinds of stuff — even the other boats. When we’re designing the layouts, we take all that into account. We have to think about the direction and size of the waves and tune the constraints so you get a good “riding the swells” feel without it throwing you out of control.

What other racing games influenced HTH?

Wave Race 64 was a huge influence. Even playing it today, the water physics just feels so good. I’d also say Burnout, San Francisco Rush, and Mario Kart.

Do you have any plans for DLC?

We are working on DLC right now. I don’t want to give too much away, but keep an eye out for it in the near future — there are some cool surprises coming.

Source: AceyBongos via twitter


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