New Atlus RPG Revealed – Radiant Historia

Atlus have revealed their newest DS RPG, Radiant Historia, as well as some background information on the game.

The story of the game follows a spy named Stok, who lives in a barren land named Vancule. Vancule is a land ravaged by wars between two nations: Aristel and Granorg. A major theme of the game is time travel, a feature which Stok obtains when he infiltrates Granorg to save a comrade, Stok being from Aristel. Stok decides to use this new time travelling ability to go back in time and restore Vancule to the way it used to be, restoring the environment and preventing it from becoming barren in the future.

The game is a turn-based grid RPG, turn-based meaning you take turns in deciding what moves you perform and grid meaning your party can be set out in a specific way (e.g. rows). That’s some knowledge for you RPG newbies. Anyway, the battling system appears to be simplistic, making this a good game for RPG newbies. There’s also combo moves that you can perform if you and another playable character have your turns after each other. It’s pretty easy to learn for RPG newbies. I like saying RPG newbies. Anyway, Tetsu Takayashiki, the game’s designer, has promised lots of sidequests and great storytelling and character development to suck the player into the game.

The game is set to be released in Japan on November 4th, with no word of an American or European release date. Are you excited for this game?



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