JoyPads: Top 10 Sequels

You may think playing games can be tough but picking the top 10 best sequels? Even tougher. Have a read at our top 10 sequels and I’m sure it may surprise you which games have made our top 10.

10 – Super Mario Galaxy 2

When I first saw Super Mario Galaxy 2, I have to admit I wasn’t too impressed by how similar it was to its predecessor. However, after playing the game I have to say that there are more differences to the game than I could ever imagine! There are some fantastic new power-ups and levels that require a bit of thought before executing. The addition of green stars after you have obtained all 120 stars allows you to return to the game and look at levels in a completely new way outside of the box. They are very cleverly placed and will certainly provide a challenge for the more experienced players. Of course, the biggest change to the game has to be the addition of Yoshi and his own set of power-ups that add a whole new level of game play that is challenging yet enjoyable. Super Mario Galaxy 2 truly lives up to the first game and will provide you with hours of entertainment.

9 – Professor Layton: Pandora’s Box

This sequel isn’t exactly ‘OMG BEST SEQUEL EVER!’ but it’s a personal favourite of mine for multiple reasons, and this sequel is Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box. Why is it better, you ask? It keeps the same Layton formula while adding in new elements. There’s also loads of new, interesting puzzles that prove to be a great challenge and great for the mind, as well as bonus ones to keep you playing for ages. There’s also the extremely interesting story, which is one of the best things about this game. The story’s gripping with some major twists helped by the great hand-drawn cutscenes which add to the epicness of the game. There’s also mini-games to play to help with the game, such as keeping a hamster fit and making tea, which are actually interesting. Combine all of that with the interesting cast of characters and great visuals and music and you have not just a great game, but a great sequel.

8 – F-Zero GX

The N64’s F-Zero X in my opinion was amazing, aside from a few things. The textures were very few, the backgrounds were rather bland and the F-Zero machines themselves didn’t have any actual textures. F-Zero GX was then made for the GameCube, this time developed by Sega! They did a marvellous job re-booting the franchise. Race courses looked how they should – packed with detail with massive amounts of variety. The music is good too, great in places! Just a bit too techno-y for my liking. I preferred the rock versions of some of the old themes I knew. The actual racing is excellent, the main reason that F-Zero > Mario Kart in my books. You have an energy bar, which also makes up for a health bar. So you can boost, but it drains the bar. This means you have to use your boosts efficiently, making the gameplay entirely skill-focused. I really don’t know how this series hasn’t caught on so well, but I’d ADORE a new one for 3DS.

7 – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Being a big fan of Indiana Jones. I did expect another action/adventure game to tackle Lara Croft and really give the genre some more oomph. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will definitely be spoken about for years to come. Continuing the grave robber adventure from Drake’s Fortune. I couldn’t wait to pick up the controller and play the best action/adventure game this current gen. The graphics really shouted at what the capabilities of the PS3 can do. Nolan North voicing Nathan Drake, is known in many games. You take Nolan North away from Nathan Drake. You have no Uncharted in my honest opinion. I have two favourite parts in Uncharted 2. The first one is the train section. Great cinematic’s, great action which maybe over the top but just plain fun. The second is battling through Napal. Yet again it may of been over the top as of enemies being thrown at one man, but when overcoming this great challenge. You do get a big grin across your face.

6 – Super Metroid

Super Metroid is certainly a great example of a good sequel, regularly appearing in greatest game of all time lists, this is considered one of the best Metroid games ever. A sequel to two previous Metroid games in the series, the game builds on its existing formula with a good level of exploration and a vast array of power-ups and upgrades. The world around you grows with every new unlock you obtain, as does the level of atmosphere, something that really surprised me from a 16 bit game and bosses can be considered a challenge at times. Creatures from previous Metroid games return bigger and bolder than before, posing a threat to your very survival. Be aware of traps and environment changes as you progress through your adventure and bring down the space pirates once again. With twists and turns at every corner, danger lurking through flaming caverns and watery depths, Super Metroid will not disappoint you. Get this game now!

5 – Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid is well known for its action packed cutscenes stuffed with every single tiny detail. MGS3 is one of the best PlayStation 2 games available and among my top all time favourite games. It’s set in the 60’s, during the Cold War, it basically explains how the whole story really kicked off with that one important mission.  In terms of gameplay, it’s truly groundbreaking. The main sneaking element of the game has been taken from the metal corridors of military bases to the lush open jungle. Not only do you focus on sneaking (which is now trying to blend in with surroundings), you have to survive using whatever’s around you. Food is key, and you can acquire it by killing animals. I instantly nominated this game to be on the Top 10 list because it’s not linked directly to the other games, so new players can enjoy Metal Gear at its finest without worrying about needing to know the story of the previous games, as it’s a prequel.

4 – Pokemon Gold/Silver

Pokemon Red/Blue were massively popular games that many people loved. What did Game Freak do next? They released a game that improved on an already adored game. Gold/Silver was the first time people could play a mainstream Pokemon game in colour, and it looked great for the time, but it’s not why this game is a great sequel. Gold/Silver added loads of new things as well as fixing old things. Balancing out types, shiny Pokemon, breeding, egg moves…the list goes on and on. There was loads to do too such as rebattling trainers via the Pokegear, weekly events and a whole bunch of new Pokemon to catch. Eventually, one of the game’s best surprises pops up – you can go to Kanto and rebattle the 8 Kanto gyms from Red/Blue! And at the end of that, you got access to Mt Silver, and at the top was another surprise – you could battle Red, the player from Red/Blue! All in all, Gold/Silver were amazing games that kept people playing and wanting more.

3 – Mass Effect 2

What makes a good sequel in my opinion? A game that improves on it’s predecessor as much as possible, then adds a tonne of new stuff to go along with it. It’s these reasons I think Mass Effect 2 is one of the greatest sequels around. As good as Mass Effect was, it had it’s fairly large handful of flaws and problems, all of which were fixed in its sequel. Mass Effect improves the graphics, increases the amount of action, keeps the same calibur sounds and music, a heavily modified and improved version of the originals gameplay engine, and gets rid of the damned piece of machinery known as the Mako. Then what does Mass Effect 2 add to make it even better? New characters with improved story backgrounds along with a strong emphasis on your team, a nice amount of armour and weapon options plus a lot more. Only possible bad thing? The sex scenes are now a lot less sexual, which is good, if you ask the media.

2 – Halo 2

Halo 2. What amazing game it was. I knew straight the way that Halo 2 will be better than Halo: Combat Evolved. I did have some doubts regarding to Halo 2, as whether or not it could do better than its predecessor. The best bit about Halo 2 was the scarab battle. You could either have dual weapons and attack it by them means or go with a rocket launcher and deliver a sucker punch to the convenant. Jumping from the bridge and landing on top of the scarab is probably the best ever feel, and moment I have experienced as it was like a Rambo, Die hard sensation. Halo 2 improved in every area from the first game and being able to have dual weapons was more kick ass. I shall always remember that moment, plus sticking a plasma grenade to a brute and running into his comrades making a huge explosion to my pleasure.

1 – The Legend Of Zelda: WindWaker

The next ‘sequel’ is a Zelda game, it wasn’t easy to decide which one to chose however. After some thought, I’ve gone with the ‘highly controversial’ The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. One of the main reasons for my choice? It got gamers talking, many loved the style Wind Waker was bringing in and many hated the look of it but the important thing is it got peoples attention, and come release it proved many people wrong. Wind Waker has the largest overworld in the Zelda series, even if 90% of it is water, the water’s still full of treasures and little secrets, ‘anal adventurers’ will have no problem transversing this great world and finding everything there is to fine however. The bright artsy graphics proved great to express emotion and assisted with a lot of the comical moments in the game, but didn’t limit the ability to create a dark atmosphere many Zelda games were known for, and proved to be one of the best additions to the series.


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