Sonic Colors given boxarts, American release date

Sega have revealed some more information about their latest Sonic game, Sonic Colors, including a release date.

The two boxarts, as shown here, depict Sonic surrounded by Wisps, little aliens who give Sonic powers such as the ability to drill through the ground. The box is very colourful, suiting the name and theme of the game. The Wi-Fi logo on both boxes may grab your attention, but it’s just online leaderboards. No hope of online play then, although to be fair it doesn’t need online gameplay.

Sega have also given a release date for these games. If you’re an American Sonic fan who wants to buy Sonic Colors, mark November 16th in your calendar. If you pre-order the game at Gamestop you get a Sonic hat too, which resembles Sonic’s head. No words on a European release date, but guesses are it’ll be released not long after and before Christmas.

Finally, a new gameplay video has been released of Sonic Colours. Watch it here:

Do you think Sega have made a great Sonic game? Or will it recieve masses of negative reviews? Comment below!



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