Call of Duty: Black Ops – Multiplayer Trailer

The first multiplayer trailer was revealed for Black Ops today, and here it is.

Here’s some notable points to be made from it:

It appears you can use a Camera for equipment, it can’t be a killstreak as the person obtains first blood whilst using it, so it’s most likely equipment. It replaces the radar as it’s open and gives the user live footage of what the camera sees.

An explosive RC Car is a 3 kill streak, you control the car and select it to detonate where you want. The Care Package from MW2 returns as a 4 kill streak.

A Crossbow is available as a secondary of some sorts, it fires an explosive dart which explodes a few seconds after hitting a person.

A ballistic knife appears to be some sort of equipment, seems to be a more accurate throwing knife from MW2.

The character carries 2 knives (Possibly optional?) which are pulled out, and used faster than any other knife in the past. It also has a massive lunge distance.

At 0:37 it appears an enemy goes straight from a sprint to a prone position by diving.

Remote control rockets appear to be in the game, as a rocket is shown performing large quick turns and adjusting speed.

A Napalm Strike is now available as a Kill Streak, possibly a 5 kill streak but currently unknown.

The game seems to feature a theatre mode, similar to Halo’s.

A full multiplayer reveal will be shown on September 1st.


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  1. Scott Widdowson

    Easily getting this. Really does look good besides the bad press Call Of Duty receives.

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