Leaked Batman: Arkham City, gameplay, story details

Here is the leaked info of Batman: Arkham City.

Story details are:

– Quincy Sharp is no longer running for mayor
– Arkham Asylum and Black Gate Prison are unfit to hold inmates
– Quincy Sharp buys off part of the slums and walls it off, creating Arkham City
– Hugo Strange is in charge of Arkham City
– Two-Face plans to execute Catwoman to gain respect of inmates
– The overdose of venom may not be what’s wrong with the Joker

Gameplay details are:

– You are now able to counter two attacks at once
– More puzzles
– All gadgets included in the first game are available from the start
– Side missions now feature in the game
– Gangs roam Arkham City, these are recorded in Batman’s criminal database
– You find people who work for Ridler to find Ridler challenges
– Batman has his smoke bomb

Source: CVG


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