No Harvest Moon 64 for Virtual Console

Gamers won’t get to enjoy this popular installment of the series on the Wii.

Natsume’s Vice President of Operations, Graham Markay, has said in an interview with NerdMentality that there is an extremely low chance of the game being released for Virtual Console.

It will not. It will not. And it’s not from lack of trying. Unfortunately, the code of the game is not… it’s not an easy transfer. It would be really time-consuming and long, and we’ve looked into it, and we’ve tried to see if there’s any way around certain things, but the conversion to virtual console, it’s just… I shouldn’t say it’s never going to come out, but there’s just a really, really, very small chance that it would ever come out. Which is unfortunate because we know that for a lot of dedicated, die-hard fans, that’s their favorite.

Harvest Moon 64 is part of the Harvest Moon franchise, Natsume’s biggest franchise, which follows you as a farmer as you take care of your farm as well as other things such as finding love. It’s a shame this isn’t coming to the Virtual Console, seeing as how the Virtual Console seems to be dying and could do with a relatively big game such as this. Were you hoping to see this game on the Virtual Console?



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