JoyPads: Sonic & Knuckles – Review

Sonic returns but this time with Knuckles as they both try to take down Dr. Robotnik.

Back on the megadrive days. I use to play all the Sonic games quite religiously. Sonic 2 being one of my favourites out of the Sonic games to date because of the inclusion on Super Sonic after collecting all Chaos Emeralds. Sonic 3 introduced Knuckles. I like Knuckles and I knew a game with Sonic & Knuckles working together will happen. Which so happens to give us Sonic & Knuckles.

The gameplay to Sonic & Knuckles is the same formula as to previous Sonic games you would of played. However, with the inclusion of Knuckles. The gameplay is altered to suit Knuckles than the speedy hedgehog Sonic. Knuckles can climb up walls and glide to reach places you previously couldn’t with Sonic. At least two playthroughs is required to really experience what the game can do. Different level variations as on Knuckles side of things. A lot of secrets and bonus stages to be found. After 16 years, Sonic & Knuckles is still fun to play, and brings back some good childhood memories.

Sonic & Knuckles still introduces the traditional ring collecting. Collect 100 rings and you gain a life. You have these power ups as well, like in Mario these abilities to help you in that zone. You have a water bubble ability which makes you go underwater and not lose any breath. Fire shield plus a jumping dash attack move. Lightning shield which attracts all rings to you, invincibility ability plus the short period of extra speed via the running shoes ability.

As you can play as Sonic & Knuckles. The story differs from each other. If you choose Sonic. Sonic & Knuckles picks up from the end of Sonic 3, which Dr.Robotnik’s Death Egg is badly damaged. The satellite falls to floating island below because of the chaotic battle between Dr. Robotnik and Sonic. Sonic jumps down and begins in the Mushroom zone. Knuckles story starts after Robotnik has been defeated. Mecha Sonic and EggRobo go in for a last ditch attempt to steal the Master Emerald again. They start by attacking Knuckles whilst he’s sleeping in the Mushroom zone.

Overall, Sonic & Knuckles is definitely a very good Sonic game. 240 MS Points spent on a Sonic game is one hell of a bargain. They have got rid of the difficulty spike. Which is being un-able to save your progress. At least you can enjoy it more than getting frustrated after getting so far, then having to start all over again. I noticed a few frustrating bits. Especially in the boss battles but I overcome them and it brought a smile to my face. I did die twice in fact in total random areas. No enemies in sight or objects which can harm you. Just died randomly, but I took it on the chin. Sonic & Knuckles is a great game to play. Very addictive and the music for each zone is one of the best I have ever graced.



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