Pokemon Black/White become fastest selling DS games

This is achieved weeks before the game is even released in Japan!

On September 18th, the next generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Black and White, are to be released in Japan. However, the games have already reached 1 million preorders, making them the fastest selling DS games ever, according to a press release by Nintendo of Japan. They also expect the game to reach 1.5m preorders before the game is released. If that’s what they expect for pre-orders, imagine how much they expect the game to sell! How well will the games sell?

In other news, with Black/White marking a turning point for the franchise with many changes including only new Pokemon in the story, new major online capabilities and a region set far away from the others, the Pokemon anime is seeing new changes too. It’s already been announced that Brock is leaving and that Ash’s new companions are both brand new; Iris is a tree-swinging wild girl who owns a Kibago and who is also the anime’s first black main character, and Dento, a waiter and also Isshu’s first gym leader. However, it appears that more things will be changing: for one, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny have been redesigned to show how far away Isshu is from the other regions. You can see the images below.

Are you going to buy Black/White? And are you happy with all these changes?




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