Are Nintendo developing some uDraw games?

It’s a possibility according to some sources.

A GoNintendo source has hinted that Nintendo are to release some games to support THQ’s new uDraw accessory. The accessory, which uses power from the Wii Remote, lets you draw on the drawing square to affect what’s on screen. The game comes bundled with uDraw Studio, a drawing and painting game, but two other games are availible: Dude’s Big Adventure, and Pictionary. However, rumour has it that Nintendo are interested in making two games for the uDraw Tablet.

So, what kind of Nintendo games would you like to see on the uDraw? GoNintendo suggested Mario Paint and Kirby: Power Paintbrush 2, but what other games could appear? I wouldn’t mind a Pokemon Ranger Wii game – it might not be original, but it’d make a change from the games being on the DS.



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