Does Sonic Colors have multiplayer?

New images seen to hint at the possibility of multiplayer.

A new image and a hint from lead designer Takashi Iizuka seem to hint that one of the upcoming Sonic games, Sonic Colors, will contain a multiplayer mode. The image in question, which can be seen by visiting this article, shows two Sonics – the regular blue one we all know and love (or hate), and another red one. Both have strange antenna-like things on their heads, which are likely multiplayer-related. Also seen in the image is two life and coin counters and two bars at the bottom which show things such as what wisp that player has. Both players share a timer and score however.

Iizuka has also said in an interview that the game that the game is aimed at kids, and that multiplayer would be an ideal way to get kids interested. However, Sega have not said anything official on whether we’re getting multiplayer, but it seems likely. Would you want to see multiplayer in this game?



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