Joypads: Monday Night Combat Review

Survive wave after wave against robots or just take the fight online against other players.

Monday Night Combat will easily remind you of Team Fortress 2. The third person shooter, cartoonish visuals and the character designs just like Team Fortress, especially the sniper.

Monday Night Combat is played from a third person perspective. You have character classes similar to Team Fortress 2, with team based objectives to achieve. Monday Night Combat plays like a tower defence game.

The game modes you come across is Crossfire and Blitz. Crossfire is the game mode on which you can play against other players. Your main objective is to destroy the oppositions moneyball, before they destroy yours. Blitz is a 4 player co-operative game mode. 4 human players pit against AI robots. They are different modes with Blitz, from Exhibition to Sudden Death Blitz increasing the amount of robots coming at you, hence the difficulty will rise. Blitz is a good game mode to play with friends. Crossfire is the team deathmatch to go against other online players. Depending on how good all players are, you can sometimes have a walk in the park match or the damn right ugly.

You can play as 6 classes which all have advantages and disadvantages. You can play as; Assault, Assassin, Heavy Gunner, Sniper, Support and Tank. Whilst playing a game of Crossfire or Blitz. You can accumulate money. The money that you earned during the game can be spent on skill points to improve your character abilities, damage and health. You can also buy custom classes when achieved a certain rank and assign 3 different perks to your custom class. Such as, faster reload speed, increase health and faster mover. Some classes can be overpowered such as the Heavy Gunner and Tank, and the annoying class is the Assassin. Whilst playing Crossfire you may come across players who will like to use the invisible cloak and wait outside of your spawning area.

The visuals for Monday Night Combat are smooth and with that cartoonish polish. Its not your Gears of War, Mass Effect kind of visuals, but it does enough for what its suppose to be. The game doesn’t really take itself seriously. In what I mean in seriously, is how the game is portrayed. Each character is funny, and the introduction to Monday Night Combat Mascot, Bullseye. After a certain wave and certain point in Crossfire. Bullseye will appear. If you keep on blasting Bullseye you will gain money. This money can obviously be used for skills points and upgrading turrets to protect your Moneyball from being destroyed.

Overall, Monday Night Combat is an excellent shooter. The good thing is, that it isn’t a game which is copying other games and trying to be something which it is not. Monday Night Combat is different. Maybe give you ideas that Uber Entertainment may of taken ideas of Valve with Team Fortress 2, but that doesn’t make Monday Night Combat a copycat. With the tower defence style of gameplay and not being a RTS gameplay on which tower defence games normally are. Its a really unique change and very fun to play. The only criticism I will throw at this game is that, there isn’t much going on. Yes, you have two game modes. You roughly have about 4 maps and the game can get a bit boring. Through DLC to add more game modes, maps and possible new classes can really enlighten this game more and get the recognition it deserves. Its worth the 1200 MSP, and its great playing with friends.



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