The Witch Hunt is on for Dragon Age DLC next month.

Bioware have announced more DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. Witch Hunt is an extra add to the Origins story.

After the Archdemon being killed by the Grey Warden, and piece is restored in Ferelden. Though one question remains… What happened to Morrigan?

Rumours went around that Morrigan went into the Mountains to pass to Orlais, and no trace of her was found, until now.

A year has gone by of the events of the Grey Wardens slaying the Archdemon and Morrigan has returned back to Ferelden. The wardens head into the forest to find out this mystery lurking around Morrigan and tie up this for once and for all.

The DLC will allow players to import your character from Origins and Awakening to increase your high level hero. Witch Hint is scheduled for September 7th for Xbox 360 & Playstation 3. Costing of 560MSP and roughly about £5 for PS3.


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