Joypads: Shank Review

Slice your way through this gore fest, over the top action, Robert Rodriguez feel, 2D action/adventure beat’em up.

When I first saw this game at E3, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this gem. The music felt like a Robert Rodriguez movie; such as the Desperado, and the look of the main character had a striking resemblance to Sly Stallone’s, Rambo. Shank was created by Klei Entertainment. Klei’s creative team is led by Jeffrey Agala, who is the director of the cartoon, Atomic Betty believe it or not.


You play as Shank (this man here to the left), people thought he was dead. Shank was working for this main mobster, if you like to put it like that, called Cesar. Shank is given a choice. An act of loyalty to prove his worth to Cesar, he has been told to kill this woman, but there is more than meets the eye to this woman, but even though Shank agrees, Cesar thinks other wise. He sends three other employees to follow Shank and kill them both. So, after Shank has been pretty much declared dead. Shank turns up and walks into a bar. You follow the story by flashbacks of the event which led to this occurrence. Shank is living on revenge, to kill the people which betrayed him and to end all of this. Definitely a simple plot and when the story starts to unravel itself, it becomes very clear what exactly is going off plus it did throw me a little as well near the end of the game. The opening to the game is really good and sets the tempo straight the way.


Classic beat’em up style of gameplay. Shank has several weapons and manoeuvres at his disposal. Shank has his trusty Shanks, dual pistols, grenades and lovely bloodied chainsaw. Whilst playing through the game, Shank will obtain new weapons which you can switch anytime you like during the game. Shank can grapple and block, plus pounce like Kratos or Wolverine. The controls to Shank are very straight forward. Light attack assigned to X, Heavy Attack assigned to Y and your guns assigned to B. Its easy to play and pick up. You’ll come across a few enemies that are different. Big enemies that uses full brute force, small enemies consisting of guns, swords and etc. The pounce is a really good move. You can use Pounce to avoid being hit and still get to land on a enemy. The pounce only tends to work on smaller enemies then the bigger enemies. You will come across some mini bosses and bosses. They have overpowered the bosses slightly but other than that, the gameplay is very good. You can use the environment as well to your advantage. In certain parts, you will come across propane tanks, which you can shoot and cause some damage.

The visuals to Shank isn’t a big WOW, but it certainly looks splendid. The flashart, cartoon graphic novel look really does work. The cinematic scenes are very good. The detail, character designs are perfect and they really match the scenery, atmosphere plus setting of this game. The music is fantastic as well. The music being played whilst running through killing these poor henchmen so to speak, really goes together and doesn’t sound out of place.

Overall, Shank is a decent 4hr campaign. Shank does offer multiplayer which is a prequel to the singleplayer campaign. The downside to the multiplayer is that its only local and not global. If it was global, then I think people will tend enjoy it more and probably receive more good remarks. The ending boss was the most intense fight ever I have experienced. Frustrating but bloody worth it when I finally finished the game. Definitely overpowered some of the bosses, but comes down to how you play it. The visuals, soundtracks really go well and the gameplay is fine. Even though its a decent 4hr action fuelled frenzy onslaught, the game could of slightly be a bit longer to my likings. The gameplay makes up for that as its fun full stop. Worth the 1200 MSP and definitely worth your money for the Playstation.



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