Wii Party to come with a Wii Remote

Move made to ‘get more people interested in the game’

Nintendo have announced that their newest party game, Wii Party, is to come with a Wiimote to get people interested in the game. It appears that the extra Wiimote won’t add to the price of the game due to stores still advertising a regular £40 retail price, but this hasn’t been confirmed by Nintendo.

Wii Party isn’t the first game to come with a free Wiimote – the Wii launch game, Wii Play, also came with a free Wiimote, and the game went on to sell millions and become one of the Wii’s best-selling games, beating out popular games such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Wii Party is a typical party game a la Mario Party, with a board and a variety of games and modes, but this game is made by a second-party Nintendo company, with Nintendo keeping a close eye on development. With a free Wiimote, the game being very Nintendo-involved, and with the game being the next installment in the Wii games series, it looks like this game could be a success.

Will you be buying Wii Party?



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