JoyPads: Vanquish Demo Impression

Scott, jumps into Vanquish, the over the top action game from Platinum Games.

Finally the long awaited demo of Vanquish is up on XBL, even though I could of downloaded the PS3 demo yesterday. I knew this game was going to be different from the majority of third person shooter games. The suit reminded me off the Nanosuit out of Crysis for some reason. Even comparing both suits together they are completely different, but something was quite similar to it.

This man here is who you will be controlling. His name is Sam Gideon. His voice is trying to be like Snake from Metal Gear Solid. He does indeed smoke cigarettes like Snake, so maybe Platinum used Snake as a template for there front-man Sam. As you would normally predict you will get characters with cheesy accents. You will fight alongside Burns, a leader and will no doubt probably get on your nerves. I like the man, he maybe old and built like a tank, but his grittiness, and experience on the battlefield really does set the game to have more depth than you think.

The controls are quite easy to get use to. RT to fire, LT to aim. You can switch weapons by the d-pad, B to melee and this very neat feature, thrust ability to move around the map quicker and deliver some serious damage to your enemies. Hold the LB button and you will boost around. While boosting around you can also slow down time, you got to hold the LT and LB to perform this move, and you get mini targets appear on the screen on where to hit the enemy. This will definitely give you sometime to breath to think of a quick plan during the heat of this chaotic battle. It’s a nice little idea on which Platinum have introduced here and it definitely adds some spice to the gameplay. You can move into cover. Just like Gears of War, press a simple button and you will go into cover. You can also snap into cover while boosting around if you just tap X.

So far from Vanquish are promising signs. When you go into the tutorial you will notice poor lip sync, as you will get video communication in the top left hand corner of the screen. The combat is great. The demo does give you good slice of the cake of action. I could happily boost around the map all day, but it does overheat and it will leave you very vulnerable as well. You can also pick upgrades up as well. I picked up a ammo upgrade which boosts all ammo for my weapons. Pretty handy as you tend to go through your ammo like no tomorrow on the mini boss you will encounter whilst playing the demo. The only future hindsight problem I can see with Vanquish, that it may get repetitive early on. Repeating the same thing over and over again perhaps, but what the demo has offered me was great. Not a long demo but it certainly gives you enough whether or not you should buy it or not. I’m not sure about the repetitive side, as most games are repetitive but it certainly is unique from the rest and I’ll definitely be getting it.

Vanquish: Velocity Attack is scheduled for a 22nd October release in the UK.


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