Vanquish with Lenticular Sleeve

Pre-order the game for £28.99.

If you pre-order Vanquish at, the game will come with a Lenticular Sleeve.

You can read our Vanquish demo impression to see what our early verdict has to say about Vanquish so far.

Vanquish: Velocity Attack is scheduled for 22nd October.


Posted on September 5, 2010, in Playstation, Xbox 360. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. there’s something about the demo, if you use a red/blue 3d glasses at the menu screen, it looks like a real 3D menu O_o

    me getting the lentative boxart means more value when i’m gonna sell the game:)

  2. £28.99 is a bargain. Cheers for the heads up. Zavvi gets my pre-order on this game for the price, let along the lenticular sleeve.

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