JoyPads: The Fall Of Reach Feature

Week today, Halo Reach will be released worldwide. Here at the JoyPads, we decided to make a feature for Reach and the past Halo games. This feature will consist of the upcoming events, on which Reach is under attack by the Covenant, and the events of Halo Wars and the Halo trilogy plus ODST.

Warning, Spoilers will be used in this feature.

We begin with Halo: Combat Evolved. You play as the Master Chief, a super solider from the SPARTAN II project. You are accompanied by Cortana; artificial intelligence who is in Master Chief’s neural implant connected to his armour, MJOLNIR Mark V.

The Pillar Of Autumn, captained by Jacob Keyes, exit’s slip-space near this massive ring station called ‘Halo’. The Covenant want to know Earth’s location, so Captain Keyes initiates ‘the cole protocol’ which will prevent the Covenant knowing the location of Earth. Whilst the Pillar Of Autumn is heavily under attack. Emergency stations are in place and people are evacuating from the ship. The Chief is woken and Cortana joins Chief before getting into the escape pods and crash land on Halo. Captain Keyes survives the crash, but is captured by the Covenant. Its the Chief’s job to round up any survivors of the crash, and go get Captain Keyes. Once the Chief and Cortana have boarded the Covenant ship. Keyes gives the Chief orders to beat the Covenant to the Halo control room to learn what its purpose is.

The Chief and Cortana travel to a map called the Silent Cartographer, which then leads them to the Halo control room. Cortana enters the systems and discovers something urgent and alarming. She demands that the Chief goes and gets Captain Keyes, whilst she stays behind. Whilst the Chief is heading back to search for his commander. He learns that the Covenant have accidentally released the Flood. The Flood are parasites which spread and infest other life forms. Unfortunately, Captain Keyes is infested. With the Flood released, a 343 guilty spark is released (AI caretaker, monitor for those who want to know its purpose). He recruits the Chief to help him get a device called the ‘Index’. This will activate Halo and stop the Flood from spreading outside from the facility.

Just before the Chief is about to use the Index. Cortana prevents him and tells the Chief, that in fact. Halo is a weapon and is designed to kill all life forms in the galaxy, which the Flood need to spread. Chief and Cortana attempt to destroy Halo, but is prevented by 343 guilty spark. Cortana insists of getting back to the Pillar Of Autumn to self destruct. They need Captain Keyes codes for the Pillar Of Autumn to self-destruct. The Chief gets Keyes codes by his neural implants directly from his brain. Chief and Cortana get to the Pillar Of Autumn, and Cortana initiates the self destruct sequence but 343 guilty spark prevents the sequence from happening. So, the Chief manually causes the Autumn’s fusion reactors to melt down, and the Chief and Cortana escape the destruction of Halo on a fighter.

Halo 2:

So, with the discovery of what the Halo rings can actually do. The Covenant think the Halo rings can bring a ‘Great Journey’ which sweeping loyal Covenant to salvation. Master Chief, Sgt Johnson are commended  for the actions they did at Halo, and Miranda Keyes, who accepts a medal of her dead father, Jacob Keyes. At the same time, a Elite Commander is getting tortured by Tartarus, the Chieftain of the Brutes. The Arbiter is getting tortured because he failed to stop the humans destroying Halo.

Whilst Chief and Sgt Johnson plus Keyes receive their medals. A Covenant fleet appears outside Earth’s defense perimeter. High Prophet Of Regret flies straight through the orbital platforms and heads for the City of New Mombasa. The Master Chief clears the city of the Covenant and High Prophet’s fleet. Whilst his fleet destroyed. High Prophet makes an escape. The Chief, Cortana, Sgt Johnson and Miranda Keyes follow the ship. They soon discover another Halo ring. With them knowing what Halo can do. Chief and Cortana go after the Prophet whilst Johnson and Keyes go after the index of the other Halo ring. Meanwhile the Elite Commander, Arbiter has been given his Arbiter rank back and is fulfilled to get back into the fight. The Arbiter is sent to kill the heretic, but the Arbiter discovers 343 guilty spark. When responding to a distress call of High Charity, the Covenant crew arrive at Halo, before the Chief kills the prophet and falls into a lake but is saved by a mysterious creature.

The death of Regret. The Brutes are given the Elite’s traditional role of protecting the Hierarchs. The Arbiter is sent to find the index, and captures Johnson and Keyes. Before being confronted by Tartarus, he tells the Arbiter that the Prophets have ordered  the annihilation of the Elites, and pushes the Arbiter into the deep chasm. The Arbiter is also saved by this mysterious creature. Whilst the Chief and now the Arbiter are in the clutches of this mysterious creature. The Gravemind is the leader of the flood. The Gravemind reveals to the Arbiter that the Great Journey is the destruction of the Covenant, humans and flood together. The Gravemind then sends the Arbiter and Chief to different locations to stop the activation of  Halo. Afterwards, Cortana realizes that the Gravemind used them as a distraction whilst he infested Amber Clad to spread the flood. With the city overrun, the Chief follows the Prophet of Truth aboard a forerunner whilst Cortana stays behind to destroy High Charity and Halo if Tartarus is successful in activating the ring.

The Arbiter and Sgt Johnson confront Tartarus. The Arbiter tries to convince Tartarus that the Prophet betrayed them both. Tartarus activates the ring and the Arbiter and Johnson manage to kill Tartarus. With all rings on standby to be activated, the activation for the rings lies in a remote location which 343 guilty spark calls ‘The Ark’.

Halo 3:

Shortly after the events of Halo 2. The Chief is entering Earth’s atmosphere and crash lands into a jungle. Sgt Johnson and his Marines plus the Arbiter find the Chief and fight there way out of the jungle against Covenant attack to a UNSC outpost. Here they meet up with Miranda Keyes and Lord Hood to finalize attack against the Prophet Truth. Chief and co need to stop Truth from activating the forerunner artifact which was discovered outside New Mombasa. Before making a assault on Truth. The Chief has been ordered to clear the way through a City called Voi, and destroy Covenant defences, so Lord Hood can make safe passage to Truth.

Truth activates the artifact and a portal appears. Whilst the portal opened. A Covenant ship taken over by the Flood crash lands nearby. Johnson and Keyes, Chief and the Arbiter follow the Prophet of Truth into the portal. Joining the Chief is 343 guilty spark who has no function to full fill after the events of Halo: Combat Evolved. They discover a structure called the Ark. Truth can activate all the rings on the Ark. The Chief activates the installation map room to find Truth’s position. Truth is at the Ark control room. Johnson tries to prevent Truth from activating the rings. Johnson is captured by Truth and Keyes tries to save Johnson, but gets killed by Truth. Johnson is then forced to activate the rings. The Flood arrive and the Gravemind makes a truce with the Chief and Arbiter to stop Truth at all costs. Chief and the Arbiter save Johnson and the Arbiter killing Truth. However, the Gravemind turns on the Chief and co but they manage to escape the Flood. The Chief and Arbiter plus 343 guilty spark discover that the Ark is building a new ringworld to replace the damaged one. The Chief decides to activate the new one, to eliminate the local Flood while sparing the rest of the galaxy.

Before he can activate the new ring. He would need a Index. Cortana copied the first index they encountered on Halo 1. So, the Chief sets off to rescue Cortana and sets of a chain reaction to seriously damage the Gravemind. When arriving on the new Halo. Cortana tells the Chief that the Gravemind is trying to rebuild himself on the new ring. Chief, Arbiter and Johnson fight their way upto the control room against endless encounters with the flood. Once arrived at the control room where they will activate the ring. Guilty Spark explains that the ring isn’t fully built yet, and it would mean destroying the ring and the Ark. Johnson ignores his warning so, Guilty Spark kills Johnson to prevent him from activating it. The Chief destroys Guilty Spark and activates the ring. The Chief and Arbiter then escape the ring’s blast on a frigate called Forward Unto Dawn.

The front half of the frigate makes it through the portal. Believing that Cortana the Chief did not make it and presumed dead. A memorial service is put in place for the fallen. The Arbiter leaves to return back to his home planet. Meanwhile the second half of the frigate is floating around in unknown space. Cortana drops a beacon to be rescued but could take years to be rescued. The Chief enters cryonic sleep and tells Cortana “wake me, when you need me.”

Halo: ODST

ODST is between the events of Halo 2 and Halo 3. ODST stands for Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. You play as the rookie and is the new addition to Buck’s team. Buck arrives to the briefing room and introduces Dare to the team. They are planning to attack the Covenant ship which has appeared above New Mombasa. Once heading towards the ship. The Covenant ship enters slipspace which sends a shockwave but before the last minute Dare changed the co-ordinates to miss the ship. The Rookie crash lands and is unconscious. You wonder around New Mombasa to find clues what happened to your squadmates.

Each squad member are at different locations. Buck tries to find Dare but finds Romeo instead. These two try to resolve to find the others and leave the city. Dutch and Mickey find each other and prevent a Covenant attack. Dutch and Mickey evacuate on a transport and rendezvous at the police headquartes to Buck and Romero. Romero is seriously injured, and Buck heads back for Dare. The Rookie is assisted by the superintendent and finds Dare. They get into the data core which holds information of what the Covenant are looking for underneath the city. Inside they find a Covenant Engineer. Dare explains that these Engineers process a lot of information, and this Engineer wants to help the humans. Once downloaded the data, Dare changes the mission to escort the Engineer out of the city. They reunite with Buck and fight their way out of New Mombasa. When they flee, they watch New Mombasa be destroyed.

Halo Wars:

Halo Wars is 20 years before Halo 1. Cutter is sent off to investigate planet Harvest on Covenant activity. The Covenant have unearthed something at the planet’s northern pole. The Covenant only have one agenda, and that is to destroy humanity. The main UNSC outpost Harvest is under control by the Covenant. Cutter orders Forge to retake Harvest. After defeating the Covenant and taking back Harvest. Forge scouts ahead, and the Covenant under the Arbiter have found a forerunner facility. Forge defeats the Covenant and destroys the installation, then on board the Spirit Of Fire Prof Anders arrives.

After gathering intel about this forerunner facility. Anders insists they head to Arcadia. Cutter sets out co-ordinates towards Arcadia. The Covenant are slaying citizens and already a rescuing party have been issued to escort the citizens safely towards the cargo ships. Forge calls upon the local Spartan team to assist. Once the citizens are escorted. The Covenant were building a super scarab weapon. UNSC forces break through the massive energy shield which the Covenant were building the scarab weapon and gets destroyed.

Forge, Cutter and the Spartans follow Anders signal to a planet. Unfortunately the planet is infested by the Flood. The Spirit of Fire activates a forerunner docking station and enters the planets interior. Flood board the ship whilst the forerunners are cleansing the flood and killing UNSC soldiers in the process. With the forerunner ships activated, Anders escapes through a teleportation device and is rescued. Cutter decides to destory the forerunner ships so the Covenant cannot use them. Anders comes up with a plan to detonate the ships faster than light device into the sun. Forge takes up on this suicidal task and takes the Spartans with him. Forge and the Spartans are ambushed by the Arbiter and the Elites, but the Spartans defeat the Elites and Forge kills the Arbiter. The Spirit Of Fire escapes whilst Forge overloads the reactor. Destroying the forerunner fleet and the planet. The Spirit Of Fire is just floating in space.

Halo Reach:

Finally come to Halo Reach. Halo Reach was the start of it all. Reach was the UNSC military operations base. The start of the Spartan project started here. It’s the story of Noble Team, a squad of heroic Spartan soldiers, and their final stand on the planet Reach, humanity’s last line of defense between the terrifying Covenant and Earth.


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  1. Really good read. You should put this on the Halo forums. Would give you extra cred.

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