Other M misses out on Top 10 spot in charts

Other Nintendo games do relatively well however.

It’s been a few days since Metroid: Other M was released, so how has it done in the charts? In the all-format charts, it hasn’t reached a Top 10 spot, but in the Wii charts, it’s done well. Other M reached 12th in the all-format chart, which included games such as Mafia II, which reached number 1, and Wii Sports Resort, which moved up two places to reach third.

Will Metroid get a Top 10 place next week? It might not matter too much as it’s doing well in the Wii charts, going straight to second, just behind Super Mario Galaxy 2, which has maintained top spot for a while. The only other new entry is Tetris Party Deluxe, which is eighth.

Meanwhile, in the DS charts, New Super Mario Bros is first despite having been released over four years ago, which just goes to show its popularity, along with the fact that it’s one of the best selling DS games ever. Like with the Wii, Tetris Party Deluxe debuts in the charts, but at fourth instead of eighth.

Do you think Metroid will get into the Top 10 over the next few weeks? Or will it decrease in the charts?



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