Sonic Screwdriver controller being released for Doctor Who game

Special controller and stylus being released for upcoming game based off popular TV show.

To celebrate the release of the new Doctor Who adventure games for Wii and DS, BBC Worldwide have worked together with Blue Ocean Accessories to create accessories for both the Wii and DS.

For the Wii game, a Sonic Screwdriver controller is to be released. Instead of being a shell, it’s an actual controller, with near enough the same button placement (minor changes include the power button directly above the A button instead of above and to the side) and being larger than the Wiimote. It seems that it works with any Wii game, not just the Doctor Who game, and also allows Nunchuck and Classic Controllers to be used with the Wiimote.

DS owners, meanwhile, can buy a DS accessory pack or a slipcase pack that contain a stylus modelled to look like a Sonic Screwdriver, similar to the Wiimote. The packs also come with official artwork of The Doctor and Amy Pond.

The games themselves use the likeness of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan and use a storyline written by the Doctor Who team. The games will be out around Winter, while the accessories (which you can see by clicking here) will be released in October.



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