Epic Mickey 2 a possibility

Spector says he hopes the game will turn into a franchise.

In an interview, Epic Mickey’s designer Warren Spector has discussed the possibility of Epic Mickey becoming a franchise. He discussed why he wanted to see the game become a franchise as well as showing his interest in the game being more than a one-shot game.

I’ve been pretty upfront that I have no interest at all in doing something that’s just a one shot. Certainly it has been conceived as something that could become a franchise because that’s all I’m interested in doing. Not because I want to build a brand and make a ton of money but because there are so many stories to tell. Whether that actually happens is way above my pay grade.

Despite this, Spector has said he does not want Donald Duck to become the star of a game, saying he ‘wouldn’t even want to do that as part of this Wasteland world we’ve created’.

Would you like to see Epic Mickey develop into a franchise?



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