Halo Reach: Invasion Week

Free Halo Reach invasion theme.

If you haven’t already noticed on XBL. Halo Reach has invaded, and with that. You can earn some Halo content which are half price.

Even though this is going to be a late news post. I thought I would keep you up to date on what is going to appear on XBL in the coming days to the launch of Reach.

7 September – Day 7: “Halo: Reach Premium Theme”
8 September – Day 6: “Campaign Preview”
9 September – Day 5: “50% off Avatar Warthog Prop Offer”
10 September – Day 4: “Firefight Preview”
11 September – Day 3: “Deliver Hope – Director’s Cut”
12 September – Day 2: “Multiplayer Preview”
13 September – Day 1: “Halo: Reach Collection Update (Avatar)”

When you have officially got a copy of Reach. On the release of the game. Its ‘Halo invasion week’ of six days of online activities from the 14th to the 19th of Sept.

A free Halo Reach invasion theme for those to download between the 14th and 19th. Plus you can even go against the Bungie creators at set times during the week.

17th of September, Silver members will receive what the Gold members got up to the 20th of September.

You can view our Halo: Fall Of Reach feature here.

Halo Reach is inbound for a ODST drop on September 14th. If you haven’t already pre-ordered. I would get the a pre-order in now so you don’t get left out on a possible Legendary or Limited Edition version of the game.


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