JoyPads: WRC 2010 Demo Impression

With the great Colin McRae gone. I did somewhat have a doubt, how will Dirt do now that Colin McRae has gone. Turns out Dirt 2 did remarkably well and set the tone for future rally games. WRC games aren’t bad Rally games at all. More to the point and realistic rally racing. WRC returns and lets get on with the impression shall we.

WRC 2010 is pure and simple Rally. No Extreme sports or other events you would of witnessed in Dirt 2 with Ken Block showing off his skills. WRC offers great authentic weather effects. Obviously the road surface you are on, weather element and speed will of course effect how much traction you have on the road and driver control of the vehicle itself. Rally is all about the speed and being the quickest. WRC is spot on with the deliver of speed and excitement.

When you first start up the game. If asks you, what difficulty you would like it at.

  • Beginner
  • Advanced
  • Professional

If you are a newcomer or just simply want to get the feel of the game and get use to the controls. Beginner would be the option you would choose. Each difficulty has different functions. Beginner has the braking help and stability help, plus brake assistance. Going 150mph down a straight then a sharp hairpin on your right, the brake assistance or ABS in other words will prevent you from going off the track, so your vehicle pretty much stays on the road surface like shit on a blanket. Just like Forza 3. Advanced difficulty has the braking help but no stability help. The vehicle will be more unstable, so you will have to drive more carefully. Professional is going to prove a challenge. No braking assistance and no stability help either. The camera is fixed in the cockpit view, to really get your heart pumping when exceeding over 100mph speeds or going too fast into a corner and flip out of control.

You can select two cars. The Citroen C4 and the Ford Focus RS. Both are good on the max speed, acceleration and of course handling being a vital component for you to succeed. There are two tracks that I can put my foot down on. Finland and Jordan. Jordan has maximum difficulty, so road conditions, bends are going to be horrible.

Before proceeding on with the race you can tweak on how your car performs. Which conclude:

  • Brake balance
  • Downforce
  • Gears
  • Car Height
  • Suspension
  • Traction balance
  • Front differential
  • Rear differential

Maybe getting a bit tactical if you aren’t a petrol head or grease monkey, but they are there for you to alter the balance on these fundamentals. The car handling is spot on. Feels like a realistic Rally game and more realistic when playing it on Professional difficulty. Visuals are dated, which is going to be its main downfall. The likes of Dirt 2 can offer great visuals and gameplay but, WRC 2010 offers the gameplay but not the visuals.

Overall, WRC 2010 offers some good Rally racing. If you are a big fan of Rally racing then this is a must. With the likes of GT5 coming out this year and other racers. This may and most probably get over-shadowed by them and it wouldn’t see much daylight. Definitely a game to pick up on the cheap.


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