Joypads: FIFA 11 review

FIFA 11, it’s in the game.

The latest iteration of FIFA 10 has arrived. Our FIFA 11 demo impression started with plenty of promise even though FIFA 10 set very high milestones for FIFA 11 to accomplish. I really liked FIFA 10 and it was, and is, the best football game on this current gen and probably the best ever in gaming history. Everything happens on the pitch, so lets get on with it shall we.

FIFA 11 feels like World Cup 2010: South Africa. South Africa improved little bit from FIFA 10 and FIFA 11 has improved from 10 & South Africa, to really make it what it is today. Straight the way you will noticed the physical side of the game with certain players. Arshavin against Puyol. Puyol would be the dominate player as Arshavin would easily bounce off the ball, but Arshavin can beat Puyol for pace which shows the pace of the game. Player height and size will alter whether or not you can hold off defenders whilst charging straight at goal.

The fluidity in the passing has improved. More free-flowing and giving the player more control on who you want to pass too. You can change the settings by turning off the assists, so you can play ping-pong with the opposition and rip open their defence and score a goal. There is more satisfaction with the assists turned off. Having more freedom and play to your style is what brings the beauty out of FIFA 11.

The penalty system gets a new face-lift with a power meter and analogue aiming and a gauge to show whether or not your shot will go on target or not. If you hold it one direction for too long and hit in the red, your shot will of course go wide or go sailing over the cross-bar. Hit in the green and slotted into the corner of the goal, then the percentage of scoring will increase but the keeper still has a chance to save it.

With these small changes and implementations, FIFA 11 feels more of a realistic football game. Of course going up against stronger opposition will prove a challenge. You can’t run through defences as easy before. Player sizes and weight are key elements, so the passing game, creating spaces is vital to really become a thorn in someone’s back side.

There were problems with FIFA 10, such as goalkeepers rushing out and being way too easy to chip the goalkeeper and score a goal. FIFA 11 somewhat fixes this problem by making it harder to pull off, and the keepers re-acting more intelligently to the approach of the game.

FIFA 11 is really pushing out the boat. They are focusing on the 11 because you can control and play as the goalkeeper. At first I was unsure what to make of this, in terms of control and how well they can pull it off. Firstly, I practised in the arena before going into a proper game. Easy to pick up and play. Its rather simple which is good and it definitely works.

FIFA 11 does have its annoying parts. Still the offsides are very harsh at times. Clear as day you could be miles on-side and still get flagged offside. Passes not being synced or going to the player you intentionally want it to go to and that’s with assists on.

Overall FIFA 11 is more polished and well rounded, regardless of the niggles I have had. It may not get you on board and think, why should I buy this, when its not dramatically changed. Though, its definitely improved and more realistic and you wouldn’t want to miss out on probably the best sports game of 2010 would you?



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  1. I have vinison u700 controller.It works in Fifa 11 proper game.But when i am in arena it dont work.How I can play in arena on joypad.

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