Joypads: F1 2010 review

F1 is back, so start your engines, and don’t crash out as of late like Lewis Hamilton.

This is the probably the first time ever that I’ve actually sat down and played a F1 game. Technically speaking it is not, but getting heavily involved in a F1 game. F1 2010 is the first. The reasons why F1 games didn’t tickle my bean in the past. There wasn’t much variety happening on the race-track. You compare it to your Forza’s, Gran Tourismo’s and the whole lot. F1 will go down the pecking order, as to the depth of tuning your vehicle and driving different makes of cars. This isn’t to say F1 doesn’t offer something quite similar to games I have mentioned, as it certainly does offer a realistic race sim of F1 with Codemasters taking it a step further.

The first thing I noticed with F1 2010 was the starting up screens and selecting your name. Typical Codemaster features which featured in Toca Racer Driver 2 and of course the highly acclaimed, Dirt 2. You become the new rookie when entering your first time in the F1 career. You can select up to 3 racing teams. I personally picked Lotus. After picking your team, your Agent will give you the low-down in your trailer, from viewing your contract to viewing your goals on which the team have set you. Past history of all racing teams and drivers, standings such as drivers and team standings. You can even select your own helmet. I went with the UK helmet.

So far, so good. Going through the options at your F1 paddock. You can presume your F1 career or just play multiplayer, time trial or Grand Prix exhibitions. Definitely setting the tone to feel like a F1 driver. Seeing as the motorsport is one of the biggest or they biggest motorsport on the planet. It does make the player feel he has pressure and must perform and really make a name of yourself.

When doing a Gran Prix on career mode, of course you get a practise run, so you can familiarise yourself with the tracks and sectors. The qualifying round and then the actual race itself. You can also view your objectives and even a mini game to unlock upgrades for your vehicle by beating a lap time. In the pit stop, you’ll meet your Team Engineer who will direct you and give you advice on what you should do. Here you can select which types to use. Option, Prime and more. Each tyre has its bonus’s and disadvantages. Option are good for short uses but start to lose grip rather quickly whilst Prime is more the preferred choice, as these tyres can last longer on the race track. Not only tyres but you can check up on your team mate and other drivers, your position and the probability that it could rain.

Once you are on the track and doing the proper event, it can be very chaotic and with 24 cars on the track it is rather daunting. You must also try and not hit other drivers as that give you a penalty or cut corners. Sometimes the game can be harsh with the penalties as the majority isn’t your fault at all. The visuals look fantastic and with the dynamic weather system, the visuals and effects really come into play. Not only making you become very more cautious and be more aware what is around you, but adding fear and adrenaline to make you push your car.

After finishing a event and depending where you finished. You will earn drivers points and team points. The main goal is to be first in every race so you are the top dog but with stiff competition. After the race is completed and you have returned back to your F1 paddock. You can have a interview with the press. This really does make the game authentic, and what you say can alter relationships between you and your co driver plus the team, and your rivals and any other team that maybe interested to sign you.

Overall F1 2010 is probably one of the best in the series. Not only is it built on the Racer Driver: GRID and Dirt 2 engine, but really does set the tone for up competition in the F1 scene. The visuals look fantastic, the effects and atmosphere is spot on. Not only if you crash, the flashback feature is also implemented in F1 2010 which was in GRID and Dirt 2. Despite the harsh penalty and warnings that you will pick up, F1 is definitely up there. Of course the key to this game is to get first and all racers is to finish first. F1 adds realism, so you can’t go round corners like a boy racer. Perfect timing with the brake and speed is essential to earn you valuable time and of course finishing first.



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  1. Plasma_Grenade

    Awesome review. 10/10 wow! Looking at metacritic. This game is for me.

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