JoyPads: Dead Rising 2 review

Scott goes on a zombie spree in Fortune City and whilst he’s chopping till he drops. He’ll cover what Dead Rising 2 is serving up on a silver platter.

Zombies. They are literally everywhere, covering the shopping mall, gorming around for fresh meat to walk straight into its bloody chops for a good old nom fest. It must be a hard life to be a Zombie. With literally hundreds of Zombies also wanting a piece of fresh meat. The competition is going to be hard and stiff for that meat thirsting quench, until you arrive and cause a massive shit-storm.

We know that Capcom released Dead Rising 2: Case 0, which was a prequel to Dead Rising 2. You can view our Case 0 review here, if you want to read that and then continue reading this.

Dead Rising 2 story then. Well, you play as Chuck Greene. A celebrity motor crosser. Chuck is a desperate man, he has his daughter with him, called Katie. When the Zombie outbreak occurred. Chuck lost his wife, she turned into one of them blood fleshing eating cannibals, and bit her own daughter. Chuck is forever on the quest to look out for Zombrex. Zombrex is an antidote which can give the infected to ease the conversion into a Zombie. Every 12 hours, you will need to give Katie Zombrex, if not she will die. Few years passed. Chuck and Katie have ended up in Fortune City. A massive city with the glitz and glamour. The Vegas strip with loads of casino’s, shops and the huge mall. Chuck is participating TIR (Terror Is Reality) show. TIR show is where Chuck can earn money and buy Zombrex for his daughter. After the events of winning TIR. A massive explosion goes off and everything has turned to shit. The Zombies are loose in Fortune City. Chuck gets to Katie and runs for his life to the emergency bunker. This is no accident, this was done on purpose and you are in for twist and turns.

I won’t continue with the plot of DR2. I don’t want to give away too much spoilers regarding the story, as its one hell of a roller-coaster. Dead Rising 2 is the same principle as Dead Rising 1. You are in a mall, or in Chuck’s case, Fortune City. You smash your way through hordes of Zombies and trying to un-cover this mass out-break of Zombies within Fortune City. The problems with Dead Rising 1 which was straight the way noticed, was the controls, the combat and the saving. Dead Rising 2 keeps the same formula to the save points, but the controls are kind of similar but more user-friendly. It doesn’t feel as awkward, no sluggish movement and it feels like you are playing somebody who is mentally and physically right for the job. The character choice in DR1 was just not right. He had the talk or lingo so to speak, but with Chuck you know he is a genuine guy. As a father or mother, you would protect your children no matter the cost. It brings in realism between the relationship between father & daughter. Even though DR2 isn’t entirely focusing on relationships but to survive this zombie outbreak. DR2 doesn’t feel like a serious game when you have these outrageous weapon customization, and funny dialogue when helping survivors, plus the psycho’s. Its more like a comedy/serious or more like a Zomedy if you want to go down that route.

With over 70k Zombies, yes 70k Zombies! I couldn’t believe it still I saw the achievement to kill that many Zombies. Normal weapons would be dull. This time you can create some damn right bizarre weapons to really cool ones which are nasty. Get the right tools, and go to the nearest maintenance work bench. Chuck will produce a piece of art of mass-destruction. Get some nails and a baseball bat and Chuck will whip up a spiked bat. When you run into a horde of Zombies. Swing away and you can earn PP. PP is the levelling up for Chuck to improve himself. Health, damage, speed, inventory space and learn new skills. The better weapon customization the more PP you will get. Get a 2×4 blank and a lawnmower. You can un-earth a bone shattering weapon of death. I’m sure many of you are Star Wars fans. You can even create your own lightsaber. Obtain a flashlight and gems, and you’ll be like Obi Wan in no time. These crazy weapon customization really does bring in a total new league in to Dead Rising. You’ll be laughing mad with Dead Rising 2 with the weapons you can use. Not only can you use weapons but also vehicles. You will come to the stage where you can use a motorbike, a sports car and buggy’s. The motorbike you can add chainsaws too. You can serious cut up some bad mofo’s and really paint Fortune City strip red.

Not only is Dead Rising 2 just singleplayer it’s finally multiplayer as well. Capcom has really delivered with Dead Rising 2 so far. You can play the campaign up to 4 players. You can really have some serious fun in co-op. If you join your friend’s game, your level and money will go over with you. You can still earn PP on missions you already done and side missions. It’s really worth doing if you want to achieve the achievements or just plain and simple, just have fun and lark about and do crazy things. You can also compete in TIR (Terror Is Reality) game mode. TIR is up to 4 players. There is 9 different modes within TIR. The score you rack up in these games modes, though you will only play 4 modes out of the possible 9 different modes. It doesn’t matter what position you finish. What score you racked up will be converted into cash. The cash you can earn in TIR can be imported to your saved file. So having trouble to obtain Zombrex? Well not any more, buy the Zombrex, give your brain a rest and continue chopping till you drop.

Overall, Dead Rising 2 does have its annoyances. If you don’t level up you will suffer when proceeding on with the game. Make sure you always have food or drink in your inventory and stocked up well on heavy weapons.  Dead Rising 2 has plenty for offer. Once you have completed the game. You can continue and import your character over to start afresh. So, what level you reached in your previous game, you will be the same level when you start over again and increase your level even more. It’s definitely a major improvement from the first Dead Rising game. Capcom have responded and really have taken Dead Rising to a new level. If you like a onslaught of endless Zombies, then Dead Rising 2 is the game for you.



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