Four Dead Rising 2 DLC packs on the way

Four DLC packs for Dead Rising 2 is on the way for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Chuck will be able to dress as a ninja, solider, crazy sports fanatic and a psychopath.

Psychopath Theme Pack: Available October 12, 2010

Soldier of Fortune Theme Pack: Available October 19, 2010

Sports Theme Pack: Available October 26, 2010

Ninja Theme Pack: Available November 2, 2010

Each pack will give you different benefits. The solider pack will give you more ammo, better accuracy and more firepower. The psychopath pack will give Chuck gruesome weapons from chainsaws, cleavers and axes and more. The ninja pack offers stealth, so zombies will have to be extra close to Chuck to detect him. Throw able items and swords have increased damage. The sports fanatic pack will give you increased damaged on sports weapons such as; golf clubs, boxing gloves, baseball and etc. Chuck also gets a new skill. A charged attack which will enable him to mow down a horde of zombies.

You can also read our Dead Rising 2 review and see how it got on.

Source: Videogamer


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